Saturday, August 22, 2015

Commentary : Death of a tourist in Palawan

(c) CNN Philippines

Few weeks ago, this news about a tourist who died because of stepping on a coral, shook all travelers who enjoys going to the beach. Different kinds of commentary were done but who is to blame for this incident? Before that, I want to send my deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Miguel Ruiz.
(C) Chris Chug

This is my opinion (as a traveler who loves being in the beach and a social worker):

Well, when you are in the wild, expect these kind of things to happen. I mean, why would you blame other people, especially those locals (bangkero) in Coron for not having a training on CPR??? It should be the DOT's responsibility to train them. On one end, no matter what you know about CPR, when you are poisoned, you can't do anything about it. You could have prevented it, if you are more cautious.

Accept it, we do not have a great facility when it comes to health and we barely have clinics on every town. Some will even need to cross rivers, oceans or mountains just to get to the nearest hospital. Most of the hospital that offer high quality of health services are in the Metro, as well as most of our trained professionals.  We could do something about this, let the government know that each one of us, specially those in the far flung areas need health services that is accessible and affordable.

Lesson learned:
1. Wear proper swimming gear whenever you are on the beach. Aqua shoes will be your life saver.
2. Bring your own first aid kit or check if the agency/tourist guide has.
3. Be very cautious of your surroundings.
4. When you are in the wild, even if it a tourist place, expect that there are other creatures stronger than you. Be always vigilant.
5. Never blame the bangkero for not doing anything or not knowing anything. They are good and innocent people who just do their job, which is to transport guest to the tourist attractions. If you are to blame someone, blame the government for not taking actions to address these kinds of issues! The government just keep on reacting whenever a situation happens, what we need is a pro-active government. Remember that prevention is always better than cure! :)





  1. let's all take care of ourselves every time we are travelling... :)

  2. let's all take care of ourselves every time we are travelling... :)