Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Wedding

Here comes the bride! 

May is a very busy month for me, with the workload I have, weddings to attend and trip to go to. We were discourage to file a leave during this month until the second week of June because of our upcoming event in the office. Anywho, this post is intended to the 2 weddings I've attended for this month alone.  A close friend of mine and a cousin got married on the same month, good thing not on the same date.

Wedding for me is magical. Everyone is smiling and crying at the same time. Wedding is also journey. A journey where two people take together as one. Events like this makes me wonder if I will ever get married. Haha. I mean, Filipinos still have this double standard that you will not be a truly woman if you don't get married and have kids.

Lovely bride will always be right! 

Wedding is the moment where the LEGAL KISS happens!

 Ooooh! you know what is the best of weddings? The moment when you are reunited with your family and friends!

And of course, it will not be complete if you didn't take a selfie! HAHA.

Best Wishes!


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