Saturday, May 10, 2014

Plan B | #SaturdayShoutOut

PLAN Beachineering

Ever wanted to go on a travel but your budget constrains you? Are you craving for an outdoor adventure in an island? Worry no more! I found a perfect budget travel group with Plan B! 

When a friend of mine introduced this group to me, I immediately asked why Plan B? What happened to the Plan A? Did it fail? Is there a Plan C to Plan Z? Haha. You know the usual impression when you hear the word "Plan B". 
Plan B is up for 1 year and 6 months. According to Sir Ronie, organizer of this group, they are all mountaineers who got tired from climbing, so they explored the beaches. For the past year they have explored Apo Reef, Anawangin, Ilocos, Batangas and recently Biri Island.

This one is in Biri!

So as a newbie in traveling, my eagerness is there but I do not how to start. Is there a group that I could join, where I can save money instead of travelling alone. I mean, I don't know how to get into places, I don't have the gears for outdoor activities and even my backpack is so small.

Out of curiosity, I joined the group when they organized a tour going to Biri Island in Northern Samar for only 3,700 Php per head! Now, how cheap was that. Anyway, I was a bit skeptic at first because it might be a scam, there will be hidden charges, or they may not be that accommodating. Hehe. You know what, my faith in humanity was restored when I met them. They are so friendly. All they want is to explore the country in the cheapest way possible. I think the group believes in "Cheaper by a Dozen". Sir Ronie, organizer of this group, is organizing tours just to save money from exploring a place and at the same time enabling and empowering others to travel more, regardless of your class.

Also, since I want the group to be featured on my blog. I did a little impromptu interview with Sir Ronie. He said that, he organizes tour not for profit but more of the experience and gaining new friends. He said that all he wanted is to save money and explore a nice spot with the group. He said that his tours are very affordable that even a minimum wage earner can be a traveler! See! How empowering is that.

All photos are from Sir Ronie, he is also a photographer
Well, just don't expect a lavish accommodation. Instead, you will have a perfect outdoor experience. Sleeping in the tent with the moon as your light while gazing at the stars and jamming in the beach with your friends? How cool is that!

Calling all yuppies out there! Don't waste your time working, have a break, explore our beautiful country in cheapest way possible. Make the most out of your salaries! You worked hard for it. Join Plan B. As Sir Ronie said, "pang-MASA to!"! If you want to know more, join their group on Facebook, Plan B (Beachineering), to get more updates about the next trip. Better yet, contact Sir Ronie here is his number, +63-916-9626-348!



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