Monday, June 9, 2014

Uncle Cheffy | #MondayMunch

Brick - Oven Global Cuisine
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong (02) 925-1488

 Uncle Cheffy serves a variety of international cuisines, one of their distinct dishes is the Panizza. I couldnt agree more, their Panizza is not oily like those with the others, and it has different fusions! What I love the most is the East meets West pizza. It is a really a must - try.

Their interior is simple but this wall decor is fascinating. What I hate about this place is the displayed plates on the table even if there are no customers. You are inviting dust on your customers' plates. A total turn off. When I wiped my plate with tissue, the thick dust welcomed me! Haha. I need to ask for a new plate.

Their famous Panizza that is only good for one. :)

A spanish spaghetti. Didn't enjoy it because it was cold!

Not tasty enough.
All in all Uncle Cheffy is relatively expensive and their servings are not genourous. Totally not worth your money except for Panizza. Their other entrees are very similar with other restaurants. I commend them for their Panizza, nothing more, nothing less. If it wasn't for their Panizza, I will never go back at this restaurant. I am speaking on my personal experience ok? :)

Ano, Tara Gumala?


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