Saturday, June 21, 2014

Things to do in Apo Reef

Apo Reef  | World's Second Largest Contiguous Coral Reef.

Before the month of May ended, I made a last Hoooraaah and got the chance to explore not just Mindoro but the famous Apo Reef. Since I missed it last January, I have been waiting for Plan B to have a "revenge" or re-visit the famous island.

Since this is a trip organized by Plan B, I do not have much idea on how to get there if you are travelling alone. Anyway, I am a bit OC when it comes to my trip, I make sure everything falls into places, what will happen next, where to go but this time I leave it up to the crazy peeps of Plan B since I have been with them in Biri. Worry free travel as other would say. 

Well just to give you a very brief background, I still did some research and asked the "caretakers" of the island. Apo Reef is the world's second largest contiguous coral reef. It has 32 squared - kilometer of protective reef. The Apo Island is a remote island that has a small lagoon and surrounded by mangroves, rock formation and fine white sand.

This place has been a protected area since early 90's as per Sir Albert. The joint forces of DENR, PNP, NAVY, and LGU have been appointing officials to secure the area and maintain the coral reef. They also have partnership with other international and local environmentalist group. As you can see, there is no electricity in the island but they used to have solar panels which were destroyed during Yolanda. 

To protect the reef, of course you need a budget. This is the updated rates up to 2020. Everything has a price. Diving is really expensive but the view is really worth it. My dream is to swim with a Pawikan and see other unique sea creatures and really go DIVING!

Back to Apo Reef. The island has white sand, well not all of it some part are cream and some parts are fine while others are not. Awesome right? 

Things to do in Apo Reef:

1. Explore the light house.

Ohh, Apo Reef also has a light house, a modern type of lighthouse. Too bad, I did not explored it. It was really hot and my humongous insect bites were irritating.. -___- Credits to Sir Macoy Mejia and Sir Ronie Santiago for these awesome photos! 

2. Explore the Mangroves and the Lagoon.

Another sight that must be explored in Apo Reef is the lagoon that is covered with Mangrove! It was kind of creepy because it has stagnant water which makes the soil to be muddy and the Mangrove itself is scary plus the dried trees. haha. Well, if you've watched Anaconda Movies and your imagination is wild, it will give you goosebumps. haha!

We were looking for the "balsa" or raft but it was on the other side. We thought of swimming through there but no one had the courage. hahaha. 

3. Picture taking at the Rock Formation. 

Another must see in the Island is rock formation. Same with other rocks but still worth to see. Also, dried corals were scattered everywhere.   

4. Sunset watching

Ooohhh! The sunset in Apo Reef is really romantic! Aaaagh. I love sunsets. Need I say more?

(hahahahahaha! They look like Pawikans right?)

5. Snorkeling/Diving! 

Never miss this, well this is the main reason you visit the Apo Reef, to explore its underwater sights! Too bad I do not have GoPro or any underwater cameras but the water is so clear, you can still see it from above. Early morning is the best time to snorkel. The ocean is calm and it is feeding time for the fishes. 

(c) Sir Macoy Mejia

6. Have fun with your friends, Go crazy with them!

There is no electricity and the whole island is dark. All we had were flashlight, booze, food, friends, cards and lantern! Socializing with them was crazy. 
Plan B!

with my new travel buddies. haha. #SugalsaIsla

Sky Lantern.

7. Photoshoot in the shoreline!

Yea. The island is white sand and make the most of it. There is a big swing that is perfect for Profile Picture. HAHA. Ohh, there is a big signage in the beach front that is so touristy. 

8. Watch the Pawikan Hatching During night time. 

I was not able to witness this personally. So sad. If you visit the place during the hatching season, you'll definitely experience this one. Watch this video made by Sir Jenel Mendoza. They were able to experience first hand a hatching of pawikan. :D Awesome. 2:11 - 2:!7!

So that was it. If you're planning to go to Apo Reef, do it around January or when it is cool. I swear there is no cool breeze even during night time in summer. I will post another entry that will give you some hints on what to expect in Apo Reef! Okay?




  1. Awesome scenery. Looks like real fun to me.

  2. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Apo Reef. It makes me more eager to learn how to dive. My colleagues are asking me to join them and undergo diving training for a cheaper price hehehe

  3. Wow, wish I could be there now. Ganda ng island!

  4. Wow! This has been on my list for the longest time. Inggit naman ako. Hahaha! Too bad you weren't able to see the pawikans. Still, it looked like you had loads of fun. :)

    I really like your photos. Especially the nlack and white one with the swing.

  5. Very nice photos..I these are more beautiful in person.

  6. Like you, I'm also OC when it comes to my travel. I am usually the organizer kaya from the time to wake up , eat breakfast talaga namang nilalagay ko sa itinerary , tho there were times that I tend to over do it. hahha. Haven't tried diving, would love to experience it soon!

  7. Nature at its finest. Nice to see these ares still exists in the archipelago. Now only if we learn to take care of our environment at all like the way these guys do at the Apo Reef.

  8. Such a nice place to visit. It's a good thing that the government is protecting it. I'd love to visit Apo Reef someday.

  9. Whoa! I've been looking for a place that I can do some adventure with someone. Definitely add Apo Reef on my bucketlist.

  10. It's a shame I've been to many Philippine islands but haven't been here - considering I'm from Occidental Mindoro, and this place is just a few hours away from our town.
    I really have to visit this place - I mean, I must! - Thanks for sharing your experience!

  11. Wow! Been wanting to visit this place! Please tag me along sa gala! :)

  12. woah! Thanks for this guide! At least i have now an idea for my future trip :)

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