Saturday, July 5, 2014

Round up for the past half year.


I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22!

See how time flies so fast. It has been 6 months since I started this blog. Ohh, I haven't welcomed my birth month. Anyway, it is the middle of the year. Few months from now, we will be welcoming the -Ber months and before we know it, it's already 2015!

For the past months I have been busy with my travels. I never imagined myself to be on the road every month and never thought I could do that but I dreamed of doing so. I have been to 8 destinations for the past 6 months! (Baler, Calaguas, Albay, Sorsogon, Biri, Apo Reef, Puerto Princesa and El Nido) haha. That is an Average of 1 trip per month! hahaha. So proud of myself. Though I always get broke but still I managed to visit new places.
January was a lame month for me, I started this blog because of boredom and curiosity. I was inspired with other bloggers like Chyng Reyes, Ambot-ah, Lakas Trip, Lawstude and many others. My Do-It-Yourself trip to Kuala Lumpur was my only fresh experience I had. My past travels were way back 2012! haha. I only have 3 viewers that time and it was my cousin, and 2 brothers.(I forced them to follow my blog. HAHA.)

February was the start of my travel. It was our company outing in Baler and I was the in-charge of the itinerary together with Ms. Claire. I was very eager to go to a new place and put it in my blog! Yey! I don't know but I love organizing travels even if it is time consuming and you keep on haggling with people. Ohh, it was my first time to surf!

Who would have thought that you can find a white sand in Baler??

March was a challenge for me. I thought that Baler was going to be my first trip and last trip for this year but thanks to my colleagues who have itchy feet (figuratively speaking), they wanted to go to Calaguas Island. Never heard of that before until I researched about it and didn't expect anything from it but it blew my mind away! It was a paradise for me. Fine white sand with blue reflection of the sea! ahhhh. Paradise.

April was very exciting for me. It was my first time to join a group (Plan B) that I never met before and joined them on a trip going to Biri Island, Samar. Haha. I don't have any idea where Biri Island was until I had my research. Also, Subic Beach in Sorsogon was our base camp. Ooh, I endured an excruciating 24-hour road trip going there! The road was endless!

Subic Beach, Sorsogon
Biri, Northern Samar

May was a very busy month. It was the start of our preparation for our annual event and all of us were not allowed to file a leave. Since I was a hard headed and a travel savvy, I joined another trip of Plan B, which was in Apo Reef. I have been wanting to go there since January of this year but my budget restricted me. Ooh, it was my first time to board a RORO and snorkel at world's second-largest contiguous coral reef.

Photo Credit : Sir Macoy Mejia

June was the start of rainy season in the Philippines but it did not stop me from travelling. I got the chance to visit the famous El Nido, Palawan. Of all my travels, I am very proud of this one because I was the one who organized this and we spent minimal amount on this expensive destination! HAHA. I will post an entry about our full expenses on this trip. So watch out for that. :)

So that was it, I am still hoping that I will get to travel this July if my health and budget permits me. I acquired Amoebiasis on my last trip and still on the recovery phase. :) O well, I will just spend more time with my family and post more entries on my blog. I am also planning to buy my own URL as a birthday present.



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