Saturday, July 12, 2014

Revisiting the Magical Coron

When I was in College, me and my friend Gela always wanting to go places and one of those is Coron or somewhere in Palawan. Also, I had this professor, Ms. Lani, who said that Coron is the most beautiful among the top three tourist destination in Palawan (El Nido, Puerto Princesa and Coron) because of its clear water, laid back ambience and rock formations plus a very budget friendly one. :) So when I got the chance to go there and found a cheap air fare, go win fight na to! :D

Arriving from the YKR Airport (Busuanga), we had a slight problem because the tripod of my companion was not in the carousel of check in baggage. Imagine the hassle that Cebu Pacific welcomed me and letting our van wait for us for almost half an hour. Good thing the tripod was not missing, it was not loaded in the aircraft. -___-

Moving on!

Since my companion grew up there looking for a cheap place to stay was not a problem. We stayed at MAJIKA 4. Ate Majie, the owner of the place welcomed us with open arms even though she was busy doing something, which was really sweet. The place is so nice, it is an old rustic house but she maintained it well.

Me with Ate Majie <3

After settling down, we went to Mt. Tapyas and DAMN those stairs! HAHA. My heart pounded like it never pounded before. When I reached the top, it was all worth it! The breeze was so refreshing and I had the 360 degrees view of Coron Town plus there was a rainbow! Amazing! Also, the perfect time to go there is sunset. Sunset in Coron is priceless. Just be careful on the way down because there are no lights to guide you and beware of those notorious mosquitoes!

If you are a solo traveler island hopping is expensive. That is why boatmen or travel agents arrange a trip of what they called "joiners." Joiners is made up of different travelers but has the same tour or destination that come together to save. Being a joiner is fun, you will meet different people and it is cheaper! Anywho, Ate Majie allowed us to join the group who is going to have a Coron Bay Tour which includes Cayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake and CYC Beach. 

I thought Cayangan Lake was the best but I was wrong, Barracuda Lake is way better!

Ahhhh! Paradise!

Sun, Tree Shade and Sand at CYC Beach.

We were dropped off at the Coron Port and walked to the Majika 4. Ate Majie invited us if we want to try scuba diving and we immediately said yes. Early that morning we went to Majika Island Resort because the Dive Down Under is based there. Majika Island Resort is situated in Bintuan near Sangat. When travelling by land it will take you 45 minutes - 1 hour then another 20 minute boat ride to get to Majika Island Resort. At far, you will not think that there is a resort there but as we come nearer, I can see the natural beauty that Majika has. It is a secluded place and Ate Majie owns the whole island. 

Bintuan Walk. Mangroves at its best.

Beachfront of Majika Island Resort

Who will not love this peaceful place?? Ahh! Majika Island Resort is really a place to rest and stay in Coron with the cheapest price. 

After eating breakfast, we went to the Dive Shop to find a suit and fins that fits. After we  We went to a site and had a briefing on how to dive. Dive Master Kuya Marlon taught us all the basics in the simplest way. HAHA. I think I was inspired to have an intro to diving lessons and have my license. :) 

On our last day in Coron and this is my birthday. Ate Majie invited us if we want to join the group that will be going to Culion. It is another municipality in Palawan and part of the Calamian group of Islands together with Coron. It is well - known as it is the first leper colony in the country. Accordingly, it used to have its own coins because of the stigma about leprosy. The place is very historical as well as its architecture. On our way to Culion, we saw dolphins! PERFECT PRESENT, e? :)  The water in their port is so clear. You can even see corals and fishes from above! On our way to our next destination, we were lucky to see a Philippine Eagle soaring in the sky and dived for a fish! It was so awesome because it is very unusual to see that. 

We had lunch at Sand Bar, an island owned by Ate Majie. It has white sand and a tree in the middle of the sea. Amazing! It was so perfect, celebrating my birthday on an island! We had grilled parrot fish and Sargent fish, pork adobo with pineapple, and steamed crabs! Yummmmmy! After the sumptuous lunch, I played with the kids and it was fun. It's been a long while since I played with kids.

So what is the perfect way to end this magical adventure in Coron?? A perfect uphill trek before sunset new found friends and being in the hammock! Everything is so eerie. 

My whole trip in Coron is very enchanting special thanks to Ate Majie of MAJIKA Tours. :) I enjoyed everything and learned things that I will treasure for the rest of my life! I highly recommend MAJIKA Tours if you are going to Coron, I assure that you won't regret it! You can reach them with these numbers!

St. Augustine St. Barangay 4 Poblacion, 5316 Coron, Palawan 
(+63) 919-316-9030 
(+63) 908-731-6543 
(+63) 917-856-3187 

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  1. O envy you. I have always wanted to go to Palawan, pero no chance lang, and money. Someday, I will.

  2. It seems that you enjoyed a lot with this visit. With this article I know some of the place.

  3. i have been to el nido and p. princesa but never in coron. your post is really pushing my mind to plan a trip there soon!

  4. Never had been to any place about Palawan. Heck, I should make it before Coron goes too mainstream. Haha! But seriously, I had plans to travel again after some two-year hiatus.

  5. super ganda! parang kung ako ang pupunta diyan, maghahanap na ako ng matitirhang bahay. hehe