Saturday, February 14, 2015

Travel Guide to Tanay, Rizal


Tanay is just 1 - 2 hours away from Manila, depends on the traffic. It has been serving a lot of tourists, mostly locals, a great escape from the bustling sound of Metro Manila. I don't know much about Tanay, whenever I hear about it all I can remember is that it is a place where Joseph Estrada was house arrested! Nothing more, nothing less.

Until recently, a friend of mine asked me if I have been to a falls in Tanay. I was puzzled if there is such a thing and I even doubt if it is really stunning.You can't blame me, it just an hour away from Manila and we all know how polluted Manila is!

Anyway, me and my travel buddies/photographers (c) Sir Elvis for the photos below (naks naman), set a date to explore Tanay for a day. I did not do a full research about Tanay, I just asked a co-blogger, Sir Jay, who has been there a week before ours. Since this blog is all about my travel, itinerary, how to's; I'm gonna give you guys my travel tips to Tanay! HANE?

This is our itinerary, hope this will help you.


1. If you are travelling with group like 4 - 5 pax, you may opt to rent a tricycle for a day. Rate ranges from 800 - 1000 depending on your haggling skills! Though if you are a group of 10, renting a van is the best option as there are no jeeps passing thru Daranak and Calinawaan Cave.

2. TRAVEL EARLY! As in 4am - 5am. To avoid heavy flow of traffic in Ortigas Ext., -___-

3. Gates of Daranak Falls opens at 8:00am, be there before the said time as it gets crowded. If you don't like being in a crowded place, Daranak Falls is not for you. Though I was able to get a good shot! ;)

4. Never miss Batlag Falls, yes the entrance is VERY EXPENSIVE!!! For the record, it costs 120 Php per head. I know, even I contest about it but I have no choice. IT WAS PRIVATELY OWNED BY A GREEDY INDIVIDUAL!!! Nevertheless, I enjoyed it because I was the only one swimming during that time!!! hahaha. #RareMoments

Photo Credit: Sir Elvis

5. Calinawaan Cave is not a must see. It is also privately owned by a clan and not properly maintained. If you are a celebrity fan, you'll recognize the place as it is one of the favorite locations for shooting. One of the recent movies filmed there was Bonifacio.

Photo Credit : Mark Garcia

6. Visit the old church of San Ildefonso, the one in the town center. It has a sculpted tree with an image of Mother and Child(Not so sure about it). It is worth visiting plus there is a saying that you can wish in a church when it is your first time to visit it.

Photo Credit : Frezian Villanueva

7. REGINA ROSARI. Largest Mama Mary I have ever seen! Reminder: Shorts, mini skirts and sleeveless are not allowed to go up to the statue but they are giving long skirt ("tapis"). The view up there is very relaxing, the lush greenery of Sierra Madre and the fresh air! Ahhhh!!!! Though it is really crowded -____-

Photo Credit: Frezian Villanueva

8. If you are a fan of balancing stones, you find a lot of it at the river below the gates of Daranak Falls!

Credits to Sir Elvis


 Hope I helped you in any way. Please leave a comment if you have any clarifications and I'll be glad to answer it all.



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