Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Travel Guide to Malapascua Island, Cebu


Malapascua Island is a small island that is very popular for Scuba Divers because of its famous thresher sharks and fine white sand.

Based on the blogs I've read, this place is really expensive and it is really expensive. I became out of budget because of how expensive this place is! As in 300Php for every meal. I was not able to go around the island because I was alone and it was my first destination for my first SOLO backpack trip! I was scared because people are looking differently and the island is infested with foreigners. It sucks to feel a stranger in your own country. 

Anyway, as I've said, Malapascua is my first destination. I am going to give you guys some tips on how to get there, what to expect, see and do. 


First you have to get to CEBU NORTH BUS TERMINAL, this one is very near to the airport. I was so thrifty that I rode jeepney instead of hailing a taxi from the airport. It was a easy ride just 3 short rides from the airport. For only 27Php I was able to reach the terminal. 

From the terminal you can ride a bus or van going to MAYA PORT, your jump off point going to Malapascua Island. It will take you 3 to 4 hours to reach the place. I opted to take the public van because it is faster and my itchy feet can't wait to get to Malapascua Island. The one - way fare roughly costs 180Php.

Then, from MAYA PORT ride a public boat going to MALAPASCUA ISLAND, which only costs 40Php. Note that there is no exact time of departure for this public boat, they leave whenever the boat is filled with passengers. 

See it was a piece of cake to reach this wonderfully expensive island. 

1. Ride a van or bus going to Maya Port
2. Ride a public boat going to Malapascua Island. 

Total waiting and travel time: 5 hours!


I was browsing through the internet of the best and cheapest place to stay in Malapascua, a place that is cheap but comfort is not compromised. Until I stumble upon the Tepanee Beach Resort. I loved it in an instant because it has its own beach front compared to other resorts in the island and the best view for sunset! 

Tip: Booking can be done at their website, it is cheaper compared to Agoda plus they will quickly respond to your queries.

I booked the cheapest accommodation in the resort. It is a basic fan room without TV or Wifi BUT you have your own veranda plus T&B. You will not need the former because the view will be your entertainment.  The room rate plus breakfast costs 1,500! It is expensive but somehow worth it. 


1. Just keep walking. 
This whole island is blessed with white sand. Well, you can also see the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda.

2. Be sure to visit Ocean Vida during happy hour, you'll get a free booze when you buy one. :)

3. Tour around the island. 
Since I was travelling alone, I shed 800 Php to tour around the small island of Malapascua. -__- I am a bit disappointed because I was not satisfied. I was assisted by two young men, younger than me! Yikes. Anyway, they kept me safe and I am hoping that I helped them. My contact is Kuya Michael, a local of Malapascua, (0935) 124-0244.

See how young he is!

I was the only passenger of the boat

A sunken battle ship in Malapascua, near the lighthouse

We were not able to dock at this castle because it was low tide.

See that long stretch of white sand

Snorkeling time!

Their so-called Fish Sanctuary

He is the youngest boatman I have ever seen

4. Go diving and say hi to their famous thresher sharks. 
Sorry, I do not have a SCUBA diver's license AND I do not have that much of money to spend, since I was travelling alone. Though I met an instructor, he seems nice. You can contact him with this number (0936) 3040-968. His name is Jim and he can speak fluent English, Bisaya and Tagalog. :)

5. Visit Kalanggaman Island, Leyte. 
Yes you hear it right, locals will be offering you to bea joiner to their trip to Kalanggaman, Leyte. I don't exactly know what's the price but a lot of locals will approach you. 


1. Ride a public boat back to MAYA port.
2. Ride a bus going to Cebu.

You may opt to go back to Cebu OR visit Bantayan Island. Check my Travel Guide to Bantayan to learn how to get there from Malapascua! 


1. Bring lots of extra cash though some hotels and establishments are accepting major credit cards.

2. Bring your own water, there is a scarcity of water in this place.

3. Be sure you have your own snorkeling gear, though there are few corals to see around the island.

4. Malapascua Island is really for divers. There are lots of diving shops.

Verdict of Tara Gumala:
To appreciate more and make the most of your stay in Malapascua Island, you should try SCUBA diving. This place is perfect for divers not for a usual travelers and those in a strict budget.




  1. Thanks for the tips! We'll be exploring Malapascua in 2 weeks :)

  2. thank you so much for this post!!!! I am travelling to Malapascua this weekend alone. I find this very helpful. May I ask how's the boat around the island???

    - J Al Bayona