Monday, April 27, 2015

Travel Guide to San Antonio Cove, Pundaquit, Zambales

Capones - Nagsasa - Talisayen
San Antonio Cove, Pundaquit, Zambales

Capones Island!
When Basekamp Galleria went to this cove last March, I was not able to go with them because of my busy schedule in school. Then, my brother asked for my help to organize their trip because I discourage him to get any deal from the Internet (especially from MetroDeal). Unfortunately, I was still not able to go with them because we had Visita Iglesia. After few weeks, when my schedule allowed me to go, I grabbed the chance to go with my friends and organized the whole trip.

This was my first time to organize a group of 30! Freaking 30 people. Yikes! It was a successful trip because I saw that most of them enjoyed it and the trip was really cheap. It only costs us 1,500 Pesos per person. Amaaaazing. 

I am going to share with you guys some tips on how to organize your own trip with your barkada to the cheapest way possible. Start organizing your own trips to avoid expensive travel deals. The following are the things you need to consider when organizing an event:


Ensure that you have enough participants to your event. If you are planning to rent a van, you need 12 - 15 pax to fill it up, depends on the capacity of your van, it always to cheaper to hire a van if you are a large group.

Bragging my first time to organize such a huge crowd!


Make sure that you have a wide range of contact for renting van, so that you will have options. In renting a van, you must consider the following:
- Knowledge of the driver about your destination. Does he know about the ways on how to get there.
- Inclusions of the deal (e.g. driver's meal, gasoline, parking, toll fees)
-  How many is the seating capacity of their van.

For van rentals you may contact these numbers and tell them that you are my friend. They will give you discount.

Sir Efren - 0923 - 862 - 9922 | 0929 - 602 - 5080
Sir William - 0933 - 313 - 4411
Sir Tirso - 0920 - 614 - 6961


It is always better and convenient to have a contact on your next destination, who will prepare all your needs e.g. boat, kitchen utensils, water, etc.

For our San Antonio Cove trip, I highly recommend Kuya Jess as your guide or contact. He is easy to deal with and answers all your queries. Here is his number (0920) 274 - 4651 and facebook account (Jesus Bansales III)

Sorry, I was not able to have a picture with Jess. This was the boat he provided for us.
He offered us to stay at Tinalisayen, a private cove that is not crowded compared with Nagsasa and Capones! Sweetest deal everr! Thanks Jess. Its like we rented the whole island. Amazing experience.

See! No crowd at all at Tinalisayen Cove.

Our socials. :D


Budgeting is the most important of all. You don't want to end up paying all the excess because your budget did not suffice what you needed or asking for too much.

Want to know my secret? Benchmarking! Always ask questions to different people, compare and contrast. Ask fellow travelers, it will not only expand your network but they might help you in planning the itinerary and budgeting. ;)

This are things included in the 1,500 Php budget:

  • Van transfer 
  • Tour coordinator 
  • Toll fee 
  • Gas 
  • Driver | Driver's meal, fee, & accommodations 
  • Boat transfers 
  • Use of life vests 
  • 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner 
  • Use of shower room and toilet in the island 
  • Side trip to Anawangin Cove & Capones


Safety first, you don't want any trouble or accidents during your event. So if the weather is not inviting better cancel it than gamble your fate. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

PLUS! Always wear a life vest when going on a island hopping!

This was our itinerary for our Capones - Nagsasa - Talisayen Trip:


12:00MN Meet up at McDo Q. Ave (near MRT Station)
1:00 AM ETD Manila
4:00 AM ETA Bgy. Pundaquit, Breakfast (Hosted Meal), Prepare for island hopping 
6:00 AM Start of Island Hopping
6:30 AM ETA Capones Island (Explore it!)
7:20 AM ETA Lighthouse
9:00 AM ETD Capones Island
10:00 AM ETA Tinalisayen Cove, leave things. Lunch (Packed Lunch)
1:00 PM ETD for Nagsasa Cove
7:00 PM DINNER & Socials (Hosted Meal)


6:00 AM Wake up call
7:00 AM Breakfast (Hosted Meal)
8:30 AM Break Camp
9:00 AM ETD Tinalisayen Cove to Bgy. Pundaquit
11:00 AM ETA Bgy. Pundaquit, Lunch
1:00 PM ETD Bgy. Pundaquit to Manila
6:00 PM ETA Manila

NOTE: Organizing events is  not a piece of pie, one must have skills especially in coordinating, communicating, organizing and researching. I cannot blame other travel organizers to ask higher prices because this is their source of living and they invest their time and effort in doing this.

That's it. You may leave a comment if you have any questions or queries. Feel free to ask, I won't bite! ;)


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