Monday, February 17, 2014

Muelle Bay, Puerto Galera



My First Corporate Outing

Actually, this was not an official business trip, it was just a simple weekend get-away with my office mates. We have been searching for a great place to spend our weekend that is free from any pollution, toxic and stress! 
Ms. Claire suggested that we should all go to Puerto Galera, it is near and it will be the first time for some to go there. She also suggested that we should stay in Punta del Este which is in Muelle Bay, other part of Puerto Galera. ( I have another post about our staycation in Punta Del Este.) 

After settling the down payment thru bank payment, we managed to rent the Sarimanok Villa for 8,000 a night which includes personal butlers(yes, 2 butlers), swimming pool, free use of utensils, and a scenic view! Since we are a group of 10, it was a fair deal.

The plan was to commute our way to Muelle Bay. Our meeting place was in JAM Liner in Kamuning which is the terminal of buses going straight to Batangas Port. We departed in Kamuning around 4 in the morning and arrived in Batangas Port around 6:30 in the morning. The fare only costs 170 Php per way. From Batangas Port, we boarded a fast craft of Minolo Shipping Lines (Red Boat) going to Muelle Bay. The round trip ticket costs 450 Php per head plus environmental fee of 50 Php. 

Waiting for our boat

After an hour of boat travel we arrived at Muelle Port where a jeep going to Punta del Este was waiting for us which was included in our accommodation. 

When we arrived in the Villa, the overlooking view of the beach welcomed us! I officially called it as "Bakasyon Grande." 

Our home for the weekend. 

Can you say no to this place??? Bakasyon Grande it is! :) 

Since we are in a house, we opted to cook our food and just buy fresh goods in the Market. Surprisingly, the goods in the Market are overpriced. Anyway, going to the Market is quite expensive also though I still suggest that you cook and make use of the butler. They are very accommodating and friendly. 

Since Punta Del Este is in a top of a cliff, you have to go down in order to enjoy the beach. I was not fascinated with the beach mainly because it was polluted, there were trashes in the sand and in the water. Though it has a rock formation that is perfect for photo op. 

At night time, we tried to explore what Puerto Galera has to offer. We went to Sabang and White Beach, both were not so enticing because I am not a fan of crowded places. In Sabang beach, there are lots of foreigners with Pinays on their side while White Beach is a very busy place, this is where you can find different bars with different shows from sing-a-long, gay performers, people dancing to people throwing fire. We tried the Mindoro Sling but didn't like it. 

Photo Bomber si ATE!

The famous firedance with these two boys wearing briefs! HAHA

The next day, we left the Villa around 12:00 noon. The boat that transported us to Batangas Port was the worst. It was smaller compared to one who transported us going to Muelle Bay, the movement was against the waves, so the boatmen were forced to close the improvised window which almost suffocated all the passengers because of the heat. Anyway, we arrive in Manila around 5 in the afternoon.

2 thumbs up for this short Bakasyon Grande!

That was my Puerto Galera experience. How about yours? 
Ano, Tara Gumala! 


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