Monday, February 17, 2014

Punta Del Este | Muelle Bay, Puerto Galera

Weekend at Punta Del Este

Puerto Galera -  What comes into your mind when you hear that word? For me, white but these were all changed when I got to visit the other side of Puerto Galera, the Muelle Bay. Muelle Bay is on the other side of Puerto Galera. 

Driveway in Punta Del Este
If you are more on relaxing and enjoying the serenity of a place, Punta Del Este is the perfect place for you to unwind from all the stress in working more than 40 hours a week and battling with traffic everyday . (HAHA. May pinanghuhugutan ako)   I was not expecting anything from that trip, I never believed in the advertisement of their website until I see it myself.

This view welcomed us! Accordingly this is the Varadero Bay.
Punta Del Este (the Point of East) is a 5 minute land travel from Muelle Port. Their Villas namely Sarimanok and Kasbah Remo are constructed and hidden in an abundant and mature garden planted with old trees and varied luxurious tropical vegetation. They are designed to offer the visitors a maximum of comfort in structures modest enough to respect an environment where Nature is at its best. If you want to book this lovely place just contact them.
Tel: +63 998 552 1687


Sarimanok Villa has 2 rooms plus 2 detached rooms. Can occupy 10 guests.
View from the Dining Area of Sarimanok.

Dining area plus 2 butlers daily!

A small dining area outside

Since we have butlers, we opted to buy fresh seafood in the market since it compliments the stunning view that we have!

Overlooking the Varadero Bay
Take a plunge!

you can drink with your friends at the pool side

The other villa is Kasbah Remo, it is a smaller villa. It has 2 large rooms that can occupy 8 people. I do not know how much is the rent for this villa but I heard it is cheaper.

Interior of Kasbah Remo Villa

Add caption
Patio in Kasbah Remo, you can held cermonies here!
I like the view here compared to Sarimanok but latter ismore cozy than the former.

Beauty of being on the cliff.

Duyan Queen! HAHA.

That was my experience in Punta Del Este. It was indeed a Bakasyon Grande!!!I give them 2 thumbs up for this lovely place and including butlers in the accommodation. I understand that they do not have AC because the ocean breeze is more relaxing than an air conditioned.

If you've been there, share me your experience. If not, TARA GUMALA! I want to go back in Puerto Galera to explore and appreciate more her beauty.




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  2. What a captivating view of The Varadero Bay . I hope I can visit Galera one day! :)


    1. well actually napaka-feasible niyang puntahan if you live in the Metro. 2 - 3 hours lang ang byahe.

  3. Very relaxing and lovely place. We need this kind of place to be relaxed, far away from stressful life. I wish I could go also in Puerto Galera to experience such a unique adventure.

    1. Yet it is! :) Well you could, this is very cheap if you are with a group. Such a nice weekender! See you around.

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to go chill. Maybe you can take me with you next time? It's been a while without leaving Manila actually. Hope to visit this nice villa soon :-) ty

    1. O yes indeed. Well, I can take you there. :) You could! It is very near from Manila.

  5. I've only been to Puerto Galera once and found it too crowded for my taste. This is the first time I've read about Muelle Bay. Do you get there via Batangas Port, too? :)

    1. Yes it does. The boat ride back and forth costs 495 Php plus 50 for environmental fee. You can read my other post for more details. Thanks! :)

  6. Hmm! The view was really stunning and I would not mind bringing my family to either of the two villas. However, we are all beach bums, you did not mention in your post if it is near the beach. It would be nice if you can also hang out at the beach after lounging off at the villas. - joy of

    1. Well, the beach is down hill. You can read my other post about my trip in Muelle Bay. I posted a review about the beach. Thank you Joy. :) Your family will definitely there.