Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Steps in Getting the Cheapest Seat Sale in The Philippines


Hey ya! My cousin, who has a girlfriend that blogs, advised me to post something new every now and then to keep my blog exciting. He is right and this will be my way of sharing my experiences with you. So, for this week, I planned to write something about getting the cheapest seat sale. 

If you are a backpacker, getting the lowest fare is what you always look for, so that you can spend more on the travel per ce. Also, getting the lowest fare is one of the sweetest prize in traveling. Can you just imagine paying 7,000+ Php for a round-trip ticket to any Philippine destination, that is the worst! Even your 5,000Php will go a long way, you can have a roundtrip fare, accommodation, food plus tours for that amount! 

 Back to my topic, here are some tips on how to bag that cheapest seat sale. 

1. Decide where you want to go.

This is the first step. Decide where you want to go. Is it local or international? 

Here are the top 3 airlines in the Philippines that usually have seat sales:

a. Air Phil Express- They have most local destinations compared to the two airlines. They have flights from Batanes to Jolo.The downside is that they have the most expensive fare among the three and they rarely go on sale.

b. Cebu Pacific Air - This airline is always on sale but the downside is that their fuel surcharge is expensive! So if you are booking with this airline, check how much it really costs before purchasing.

c. Air Asia Zest - This has the cheapest sale. You can have a round - trip ticket for as low as 1,500 Php.The downside is that, it has limited destinations compared to the 2 former airlines.

2. When do you want to go.

Another thing that you have to consider in buying seat sale is the date. Most seat sale are during weekdays. Cebu Pacific and Air Asia has a Monthly View on their site where you can decide and see the lowest seat sale for a whole month.

Also, the travel period of most seat sale is usually months away from the current date. That is okay, it will give you enough time to save money for your trip. 

3. Consider your budget.

This is a must. You should know how much will you spend on your ticket. For me, my maximum expenditure for a ticket is 2,000 (for local flights) and 5,000 (for international flights). Please note to yourself that you should never make an impulse buying and control yourself from using your credit card (if you have one). So you'll have no regrets.

These 3 airlines have other options in settling your fees besides paying thru credit card. You can now pay even at 711 nationwide! So, convenient right?  Note that Cebu Pacific and Pal Express only allow you to settle your fees before midnight while Air Asia allows you to settle your fees within 24 hours.

4. Go online more often!

If you really want to get that seat sale, you have to go online, that is the most convenient way rather than booking thru phone.O, and when I say go online, I mean you have to go on line during wee hours e.g. 12:00 midnight! Yes, it is the most lean time and most companies put up their seat sale during said hours.

Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest update on their sale!

5. If you found the perfect (in terms of date, destination and budget) seat sale. Book it!

When you find the perfect seat sale for you, book it. Don't hesitate because you might not see it again. The tendency is that, you have to wait for another seat sale and hopes that it is the same date with your first reference.   

So, there you have it! Planning is really important as well as your decision making skills and getting that lowest fare is the sweetest!!!




  1. Hi Gabriela Fernandez, great blog and tips! You can visit my travel blog at: http://tantaikwee.blogspot.sg/

    1. Thank you Taikwee Tan. I visited your blog, your pictures are so vibrant! Enjoy traveling. Hope to see you when I get the chance to go in Singapore! Thanks! :)

  2. Thank you for posting this, very helpful!

  3. very practical and useful tips especially the last one. It pays to always stay online. Follow the twitter accounts of the three airlines you mentioned or like them on Facebook. They will surely update more often.

  4. I'm planning to travel soon (if my work permits me to do so), Air Asia does have cheap tickets on several destinations.

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