Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 : Binondo Style

Year of the Wooden Horse
January 31, 2014

Hey everyone! Since it's Chinese New Year, I'm craving for an authentic Mami (Chinese Noodles) and want to experience what Binondo (oldest Chinatown) looks like during this festivity! 

Going to Binondo is easy but much easier if you take the LRT 1 train and alight on Carriedo Station.
View from Carriedo Station

From Carriedo Station, you just have to walk going to Sta. Cruz Church near Escolta and walk straight to Ongpin (where you can find the cheapest jewelries) then from Ongpin turn right to Benavidez (where you can find most of authentic Chinese Restaurants).  

A kiddo was enjoying his swim at the Fountain across Ongpin St., and Sta. Cruz Church

Here are some of my observations:

1. Most people are wearing RED.

2. Fireworks waste every where!

3. You can hear different drum beats with people dancing (wearing costumes that doesn't look good) and giving you Ampao even for just watching. That is why I was not able to take a picture of them. 

4. Dragon dancers.

5. Ornaments and Tikoys overload!


6. The line for Fried Siopao is blockbuster. 

7. Ma Mon Luk (Masuki) has the best authentic Chinese noodles! 

Learned how to properly eat Authentic Noodles Special thanks to the man whom we shared our table with. 

8. Cute little babies wearing traditional chinese costumes! 

That was my 1st Chinese New Year experience. Ikaw, how did you celebrate?




  1. Special thanks to the guys whom we shared a table with for the very informative insights about Chinese New Year and how to eat an authentic chinese noodles!

  2. I wanted to go in Binondo last Jan. 31 with my friends but unfortunately something went wrong in our sched so I am jelly haha. Maybe next year :)

    1. Sayang! Well, they said it was more fun during the night before CNY. :) Haha. Going to try that next year. O, never miss the chance to eat Mami! Mura na, Masarap pa! HAHA.

  3. Hi Abby,

    Welcome to the world of travel blogging and hope you enjoy sharing your travels with us. If you need some tips, you know where to find me :)

    1. Thank you so much Atty. Oman. Yea, I will definitely do that! Hoping to share a travel with you! :)

  4. i am no stranger to this having grown up in tondo and studied then briefly worked in binondo the world's oldest chinatown :) pisceanrat

    1. Let's have a Binondo Walking Food Tour someday! Yea, I heard it is the oldest Chinatown in the world! I wonder what happened the night before CNY! :)

  5. As promised, stopped in to have a look from Google +. Wonderful job. Love the photos :)

    1. Thank you! I just used my point and shoot camera, did not have the courage to bring my DSLR in such place. haha. :)

  6. I actually want to visit Chinatown last Friday but I was busy with my students grades because it's cards out on Monday.

    Anyway, it's nice that you got to celebrate CNY there. I envy you!!! :)

    1. Next year I will go there the night before CNY and witness it first hand! You must not miss it next year! haha. Better yet, let's have a Binondo Food Walk!

  7. I want to experience celebrating Chinese New Year in Binondo. In your picture it shows excitement and fun.

  8. Awwww I missed this! Sana nakapunta ako. It looks fun and wonderful to explore :D