Monday, January 13, 2014



(Bucket List)

You might be wondering why my entry is entitled with "Bakit hindi list" bakit nga naman hindi. Well, basically, this entry is about my to-do-list before I turn 30. Yea. BEFORE I turn 30! So bakit hindi ko gagawin ang mga bagay na ito. Di ba? There are no reasons not to do these things if given a chance. Anyway, these are just my dreams, I am aware that some might not happen but please help me make it. HAHA.

  1. Start my on blog.
  2. Finish my Masteral.
  3. Get a life insurance. 
  4. Be fit. Try Yoga. 
  5. Discover the Beauty of my beloved Philippines. My Goal is to travel the 81 provinces of it! :)
    • Try Exotic food.
    • Backpack South East Asia Trip. (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia)
    • Go Scuba Diving. Try scuba diving again.
    • Bunjee Jump.
    • Cliff Diving. Try a legit Cliff Diving.
    • Para-Sailing
    • Surfing.
    • Wake boarding
    • Learn to drive
    • Explore Chinese Culture e.g. Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, China.
    • Conquer the expensive Japan and Korea.
    • See the beauty of PARIS and anywhere in Europe!
    • Try being a New Yorker!
    • Enjoy a vacation on a cruise ship.
    •  Start a business.
    •  Get married and have a family. 

    You can make your own bakit hindi list and share it with me,  we may have the same passion. Ano, TARA GUMALA?



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    2. This is inspiring. I really love to see people's bucket list and their accomplishments. I am happy to see this. I'm more inspired to kick all the lists under my bucket as well.