Monday, January 13, 2014

Do - It - Yourself Trip to Kuala Lumpur


(An attempt to Do - It - Yourself)

Kuala Lumpur was not out first choice of destination, way back 2012, Ms. Claire and I have been planning to go to Vietnam and cross to Cambodia but our schedule did not allow us. Anyway, we ended up going to Kuala Lumpur since Cebu Pacific had a seat sale, so we grabbed the opportunity. We managed to buy our air fare ticket for only 3,000 Php! Back and forth na yun! O diba. Go na!!!

We purchased the ticket around 2012 pa. HAHA. Kaya I had lots of time planning and researching about the place. I read a lot of blogs and thanks to and Chyng Reyes they have been my guide. Peg ko sila actually!

Being in Kuala Lumpur for roughly 3 days was very challenging because we have to maximize our time there, like we're never coming back. HAHA. I had a heavy research, yes heavy talaga because I really want this trip to happen! Through my heavy research I come up with Plan A,B and C. Yes, 3! Amazing isn't it? HAHA.  If you want a soft copy I can give you one.

I presented my plans and they chose Plan C. Oha! I am like their travel agent! 
Here it goes.

Date Time Destination Cost

24-Jun-13 8:55 PM ETD MNL Php1,620 - Travel Tax
Php550 - Terminal Fee

25-Jun-13 12:35 AM ETA KL - LCCT RM 125 - Taxi/4
RM 18 - Bus - Star Shuttle 

2:00 AM Check - in Hotel (Sky express Hotel - Bukit Bintang) RM 672 - Accomodation
RM 100 - Deposit

6:00 AM Wake up time!

7:00 AM Brekky!

7:30 AM ETA KL SENTRAL RM 2-3 (LRT going to Bandaraya) - Yellow

8:00AM ETA Batu Cave RM 2-3 (KMUTER going to Batu Cave) Red

9:00 AM ETA KL SENTRAL RM 2-3 (KMUTER going to Batu Cave) Red

11:00 AM ETA Genting Highlands RM 60 - Bus Transfer (v.v), Skyway (v.v), Outdoor theme park or Buffet Lunch at Coffee Terrace
RM 70 - All park rides (First world in door park, Outdoor Theme park, Rainforest splash pool, & Flying Coaster)
RM 30 - Snow World
RM 20 - Ripleys

4:30 PM ETD Genting

5:30 PM ETA KLCC RM 2-3 (PUTRA LINE going to Petronas) Green

8:00 PM Dinner at Jalan Alor and/or
 shopping at Bukit Bintang
RM 5

26-Jun-13 8:00 AM Wake up time!

9:00 AM Kuala Lumpur City gallery - merdeka Square - jamek mosque  RM 2 - 3 (STAR Line - Masjid jamek) Yellow 

11:00AM Shopping at Central Market

12:00PM Lunch at Central Market RM 5

1:00 PM Menara Tower KL - 1 Malaysia Village GO KL Free Bus
RM 47 - Observation deck

2:30 PM Shopping at Bukit Bintang Pavillon GO KL Free Bus

6:30 PM KLCC (Petronas) GO KL Free Bus

8:30 PM Check out to the Hotel

9:00PM Travel to airport RM 20 (Taxi)/4 to KL Sentral
RM 12.50 - KLIA Express

 *ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD - Estimated Time of Departure

 That was our plan. Mejo may pagka-OC ang Itinerary namin. Sorry, I need to budget everything kasi ganun daw talaga ang backpacker! HAHA. 

Tips on how to make it in Kuala Lumpur:

  1. Research the key to everything! 

    • Make a geographic research e.g. how to get to places, where to eat.

    • Do a little research about their culture. Malaysia has a lot of Muslims and Hindus, it will not hurt to study some do's and don'ts.

  2. Beware of Taxi Drivers that ask for additional charges.

  3. Some Malaysians are snob and they know if you are a tourist.

  4. There are lots of Pinoy in Central Market, they will give you discounts plus chika!

  5. Never miss the Genting Highlands and the Cable Car ride to the top!

  6. They have a very nice train system, make use of it! There is a straight train ride from KL Sentral to Batu Caves for only RM 3.

  7. Some places have pungent smell, so beware of it. 

  8. Make time to visit the KL City Gallery!

  9. There is a free bus ride that is very convenient!  GOKL Free City Bus

  10. Best time to visit the Petronas Tower is in the evening. 

Going to post another entry for out KL trip and elaborate our Adventures and Misadventures. Stay tuned. Ano, TARA GUMALA sa KL?



  1. wow i want to visit other countries too but somehow even with local destinations i overspend

  2. I bookmarked this in case I'll visit KL someday. :)

  3. This is so much fun=) I hope I can go, too! Tara gumala! (Ohh, I so love your blog)

    1. Aww thank you so much wena! :) This is so sweet!

  4. You're lucky to get a promo for your round-trip ticket. I like seeing travel blogs that have the itinerary and expenses listed for the trip.

  5. This is such a complete guide I am gonna save this for future reference I also love to do Back Pack travel from KL to Cambodia and other nearby country.

  6. wow, ang detailed ng itinerary! ^_^

    hello Gabriela!

    1. Hi Chyng!

      OMG!!! :) IDOL! hahaha. I always follow your blog. You made my day! THANK YOUUU!

  7. Hi there! I'm using your blog as reference. I wanted to do Batu Caves and Genting Highlands in one day, as well. Would like to know your means of transportation from Batu Cave to Genting? Did you go back to KL Sentral or alight in Gombak? Thanks! :)

    1. You didn't use one-day trip to both. Sorry! I overlooked the dates. haha

    2. Hello! We went to Batu Cave early morning and left before noon going to Genting Highlands but I advise that you allot a day to Genting Highlands. It is far from City Center.

      We rode the train that goes straight from Batu Cave to KL Sentral. :)

  8. Hi! Is it okay to ask how much in all yung budget to prepare for this trip? im kinda worried about my savings. lol thanks in advance for answering :)