Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The year I've become liberated

2013 : Year of my LIBERATION

O yes, you read it right. Liberation. I become liberated on 2013. You want to know why? Simple lang pero first, let's define what is liberated. Liberated means to be freed, not bound from traditional roles. So why liberated? Kasi nga po, I turned 21 last year. It means, I'm an adult and I take charges on my actions. I can decide on my own (though I still ask for some advice), go out of my comfort zone, and use my right to vote. This is also the year I got my license and started my graduate schooling. Lastly, I am free! Not everybody on my age can do such thing. I started backpacking locally and internationally without any help from my mother, yes without any help and I'm so proud of it. I also learned new thing e.g. Diving, snorkeling without any life vest, train system, culture, and how to while in Malaysia. I even enrolled in Graduate School.

2013 has been a great year. Damang dama ko pagiging adult ko. I had problems financially and have to pay bills! Yea, BILLS are really part of adulthood. HAHA. On the bright side, I had the chance to explore some cultures of my beloved Philippines and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! So liberating right?

Highlights of places and events I've been to last 2013:

  • New Year and My Tatay's Birthday!

  • Baguio (Strawberry Farm, The Mansion, Wright Park, Mines View Park, Grotto and Tam-Awan Village)
@ Tam-Awan Village!

  • First Valentine's Party

  • Visita Iglesia with family (Barasoain Church, Bulacan, Taksiapo and Monasterio De Tarlac)

Barasoain Church, Bulacan
Photo op in Monasterio de Tarlac


Lakas maka-Rio. :D

  • Bolinao, roadtrip with friends!

Patar Beach, Bolinao!

beachin' with friends

  • First time to vote!

  • Coron

With Ate Majika, she'll definitely bring Magic into your life.

Oh Coron! You're beauty is breathtaking!

Majika Island Resort

Diving 101

  • Million People March

  • Cosmo Bachelor Bash #Cosmo69 Rated: SPG!

My Cosmofied experience

  • First Halloween Party

  • Holidays with my family!
First BINGO with family!

My Family



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