Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Opportunity to travel for Office Workers


Hey guys!!! Are you planning to have a DIY vacation but your boss does not allow you to have a leave? Worry, no more! I'm going to give you a list of long weekends and some weekday holidays that you can turn into a long weekend. HAHA. 

As you all know I am a Medical Social Worker, working in the hospital is very strict in terms of office hours. I should make 40 hours a week. O yea, I know my corporate buddies know how I feel. Haha. Anywho, long weekends are like heaven for us! 


Philippines is one of the countries who have lots of holidays in a year! We celebrate almost all occasion (New Year, Chinese New Year, Holy Week, Eidul Fitar, City Day (depends where you work), Heroes Day, Ninoy Day, Labor Day and many more)  even Feast of the chosen patron saint of their community! Very religious,e? Anyway, I don't want to complain because I love holidays (who does not?) HAHA. 

For this year I will not enjoy the long weekends until March because I have Saturday classes but next semester I will not get a Saturday class to give way for my trips! (keeping my fingers crossed!)

 Ang dami ko ng nasabi. O eto na nga! 

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  1. Chinese New Year

 This year Chinese New Year falls on Friday! Yea. Long weekend for those who do not have work every Saturday. Boo! I have classes every Saturday. Moving on! HAHA. You can grab this chance to travel anywhere nearby the Metro be it in Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Baler or visit Binondo and experience Chinese New Year (hmm. I think I'm going to try it with my mother, gonna try Sukiyaki!!) Just beware that these places may be crowded.

2.  Holy Week

Holy Thursday falls on the 17th of April, it means, PAY DAY (or near Payday)! Woohoo! If you are not a Catholic you can enjoy wandering around but be aware that there are still many Filipinos who strictly observe the Lenten Season which means most establishments are closed. 
Great thing to do during Holy Week? Go Church Hopping (Visita Iglesia) and be amazed how extravagant Catholics are in terms of professing their faith. Just sayin'

 3. Labor Day and/or Independence Day

The said holidays both fall on Thursday, you can turn these holidays into long weekends if you file a leave on the 2nd day! It is just for one day and use your leave! Have a break! You deserve it for working very hard just to please your boss. HAHA. joke! It is a great opportunity to explore the any beaches of Northern Part of Luzon (Pagudpud or Palaui), Central Visayas (Boracay, Cebu, Ilo-Ilo, Guimaras) or even Mindanao(Davao, Gen. San, Zamboanga)! Your choice! 

 4. Ninoy Aquino Day to Nat'l Heroes Day

The former falls on a Thursday while the latter falls on the Monday after it and file a leave on the Friday. This only mean one thing, SUPER LONG WEEKEND! You can make this a 5 day trip to anywhere. You can go abroad or explore the Philippines! I'm planning to go somewhere but I am still budgeting my finances! haha. 

5. Holiday Season

If you are a Filipino, this season is were you spend all your remaining leave! Woohoo! This is the season which you spend almost all your savings to giving gifts and/or spend more time with your family OR TRAVEL!!! Traveling or staying in a hotel during this season is very expensive!

So that was it! 5 long weekends for this year or maybe 47 long weekends for those who have lots to spend! Aha. Expensive or Exciting? I choose both! HAHAHA.




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