Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mt. Pulag : Adventure of a First Timer


Mt. Pulag is very popular as it is one of the highest mountains in the Philippines, it is 2,922 meters above sea level and the magnificent "SEA OF CLOUDS". There are several trails up to the summit depends on what type of mountaineer are you. There are three prominent trails going to the peak, these are the Ambangeg - Ambangeg trail, Akiki - Ambangeg trail and Akiki - Ambaguio trail. 

Ambangeg trail is the easiest trail of all, this known as celebrity trail. (If it is your first time to hike, you have to choose this). I am not a mountaineer but this trail is like a walk in a complicated park. I will give you guys some tips on what to expect and prepare before your climb to Mt. Pulag.

1. Have a LEGIT tent.
This is very important because the COLD will bother you at night and having a good tent will protect you from extreme coldness. They said that it will be best if your tent's under sheet is NOT made of sack as it penetrates water compared to water proof cloth.

Someone's happy inside the tent!

Well, what can you expect. The government is not funding it. According to the DENR officer, there was a project on coming up with a bathroom using the mist from clouds BUT. tsk. tsk. Anyway, if you could bare the smell of mixed feces and urine you may do so but I highly doubt, that is one of the most terrible smell I have ever experienced! EEK! >_<

3. You will enjoy the trail going up because of the scenery and cool climate, it is like walking in an air conditioned room.

 4. The trail is really tiring, it is a loooong walk (sometimes muddy) with some assaults, like 90 degrees assault all the way up to Camp 1. It is okay to 'take 5' (a.k.a REST). There is no race as everyone will be accommodated in the camp 2 and extension of Camp 2. Don't worry if you are left behind, in every climb there is a so-called 'sweeper' in every group, who makes sure no one gets left behind.

I was wearing 5 layers of clothes!

1st: Undershirt
2nd:Long sleeves
3rd: Knitted Jacket
4th: Wool Jacket (Gap)

I was also wearing 2 PAIRS OF GLOVES, socks, thermal stockings, leggings and trekking pants but the cold managed to penetrate in my skin!!!

Ohhh, never forget your scarf and bonnet! :)

That's it! You are now ready to conquer Pulag and witness the SEA OF CLOUDS! GOODLUCK!

Special thanks to Basekamp Galleria for organizing this event and making it budget friendly. You can visit their facebook page and follow their upcoming invitational climbs! For those asking how much it costs me to reach Mt. Pulag. I only paid 2,500 Php, ALL - IN! They also prepared our dinner and brunch. :)

It was my first climb and I am proud to say that I conquered Mt. Pulag!! I think you too can do it! Have faith and be prepared. :) I advise that you join Basekamp's climb to Mt. Pulag as they provide all your needs and patiently answers all your queries.




  1. Though, I already climbed Mount Pulag, I find this post of yours very, very helpful. Keep sharing your travels. It is a big help.

  2. Whoa! thanks for dropping by on my blog. Hope you will have a great adventure in Bantayan Island! :)

    Mt. Pulag is always I wanna go to. Maybe soon. :)


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