Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Going to Kuala Lumpur but have limited time? Or maybe having a side trip to Kuala Lumpur? Here is a 5 top things to enjoy in your limited time. It was 2013 when I got the chance to do a 48 - Hour Backpack trip to Kuala Lumpur. I recommend that you do all these to make your stay worth while. :)

  • Visit Petronas Twin Tower at Night

Always visit Petronas Twin Towe during Night Time, her beauty is so stunning. The lights complements the figure of the Tower. Your trip to Kuala Lumpur is not complete if you did not see it.

Fun Fact: PETRONAS is short for Petroliam Nasional Bhd, a Malaysia's national petroleum corporation. They were the once who build this tower because they want Malaysia to be a global player. This tower is 451.9 meters high. 

You can go up to 170 meters to see a panoramic view of the city but it comes with a price! Chaching! Haha.

  • Never miss Genting Highlands and the Cable Car Ride to the top!

Genting Highlands is on the top of Titiwangsa Mountains. You need to ride a bus going there or you can drive but I recommend that you ride a bus especially if you are not familiar with the place. Genting Highlands has 5 hotels which are Genting Grand, Maxims, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, First World Hotel each one offers casino.Genting Highlands also have indoor and outdoor theme parks which everyone will surely enjoyed!

Fun Fact: The Cable Car Ride or Genting Skyway is the longest cable car in South East Asia! So never miss it!

  • Make use of their public transportation 

Kuala Lumpur has one of the best public transportation in the world! Their trains are spacious, comfortable and cheap. Also, it has access to most tourist attractions in the city. It is better than getting a cab.


They made an innovative move when they provided free shuttle going to tourist attractions to promote their tourism. 

Going to the airport is faster now, thanks to their KLIA Express. They say it is like their bullet train in Malaysia. :)

Backpacking other country! CHECK!

  • Explore their Culture visit Batu Cave Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, Masjid Jamek and Textile Museum.

 Malaysia is rich in their culture. You can see it in their architecture a fusion of modern and traditional.

Going to Batu Cave is very easy. There is a train going straight to Batu Cave, no more hassle of travelling for hours just to get there.

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is the emerging tourist attraction in KL since it has a big signage that says I <3 KL! They have a miniature of all Kuala Lumpur City inside as well as some goodies that are worth buying because it was hand-made for a cause. Also, it is for free!!!!

Across Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is the Textile Museum. We were not able to visit it because it was closed when we got there. It is right across the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.

If you walk a few blocks, you can visit Masid Jamek, one of the largest mosque in Malaysia. It has a pink architecture which is catchy. Unfortunately, the mosque was closed for renovation but we were able to take pictures outside.

  • Go Shopping at Bukit Bintang or Souvenir Shopping at Central Market 

Bukit Bintang is like the Makati in the Philippines, where all high-end shopping malls are situated. You can find most of International Brands. We visited Pavilion just to check if it has a big difference with the Greenbelt in Makati. Well, the prices are bit cheaper and you can find most of it in the Philippines. 

Are you into Souvenirs? If yes, head straight to Central Market they offers a variety of local goods that you can only find in Malaysia and you can bargain. There are also Filipinos in the area which is easy to ask for discounts! Lastly, the interior is bit rustic but well maintained!

So that was it, TARA GUMALA?


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