Sunday, March 9, 2014

RUB | One of a kind Ribs in town


64 Sct. Rallos, Quezon City
88 East Capitol Drive, Pasig City
Nicanor St. cor. Baler St., Makati City

There are 3 branches of RUB around Metro Manila. According to the waiter that I talked to, he said that the first branch is in Morato! I was really shocked that it is near my place and never thought that something so good is just around the corner. Haha.

Marianne decided the we have early dinner at Rub since we are in the Capitol Area. I never heard such restaurant. Since she kept on saying that Rub offers the best ribs and she is treating us, we can't say no. HAHA.

Anyhoo, the exterior of the restaurant is small and there is not enough parking for their customers though the security guard happily assisted us in parking.

When I got inside the restaurant, I was fascinated with the simplicity of their interior design from the various pictures on the wall to rusted white wall and combination of red and white and to the handwritten menu on their chalk board. The place is small and I think they can only accommodate 30 pax at a given time. Marianne said that there are times that the place is full and you have to wait outside.

They have a simple menu which is easy to read and easy to decide on which to get.

We tried their Raki's BBQ Ribs Family Brunch with sidings of Garlic Spinach and Mushroom, Bacon and Potato Salad and Sprice (Spiced Fried Rice) and their House Blend Iced Tea!

 Aww mouth watering ribs! :) I love it!!! I enjoyed it. The meat is well cooked and juicy! The taste is spectacular! I think I could finish this plate all by myself. HAHAHA.

 Garlic Spinach and Mushroom was the best among the three sides that we picked. The Bacon and Potato Salad was a meh. I didn't taste any bacon on it. HAHA. Maybe I expected more Bacon. The Sprice is a delight but not spectacular.

Primary Colors girls. HAHA. Yumyumyum! Busog Lusog.

Fun Fact: The restaurant was named Rub because they use Dry Rub in preparing their famous steak and ribs!  :) 

You can also visit their facebook page, they have some fun facts on their wall that are very useful!

So that was my experience. You guys should try RUB and share your experience with me! :) If I may suggest it would be best if you go there around 3 - 5 in the afternoon, the place is not crowded and you do not have to wait for hours just to taste their famous ribs!!!

Ano, Tara Gumala? 



  1. Very nice review of RUB! There is nothing better than a plate of nice juicy ribs with potato salad.

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