Friday, March 28, 2014

Millennium Tree in Baler, Aurora

If you are going to Baler, be sure to make a stop at a gigantic and one of the oldest trees in the world, which is the so-called Millennium Tree. This is now one of the tourist attraction in Baler, a few minutes away from Town Proper. Geographically, this is not under the vicinity of Baler instead it belongs to Maria Aurora, a nearby town of Baler.

First Glimpse of the Tree!
This is not along the main road but you can make a short detour before going to Baler. The tree is enchanting because of the stories made by Filipinos like there are creatures who lives in the tree that you cannot see with your bare eyes and the superstitious belief that one must ask permission before going inside.

The entrance fee is 10 Php per head and 5 Php for kids. There is also a parking fee costs 10 Php. Accordingly, this is owned by a prominent family in the area. They say, The Millenium Tree is estimated to be around 600 years old and is over 200 feet tall! Imagine that.

I braved to go inside and see her wonder. There are guides that will assist you inside the tree, they will take pictures for you and they are even climbing just to take good photos. I was entertained with their enthusiasm.

Buwis Buhay makapag-picture lang!

A local (more like of the supervisor) explains some history of the tree and said that the tree is small but the roots made it larger.

So that was my experience inside and outside that gigantic enchanting tree! How was yours? Share it with me!




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