Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sights and Sound on the Road Trip to Baler

Hey ya Guys! I'm going to share with you our Road Trip experience to Baler. Yea. It was a 6 hour drive from Manila. We thought the road was never ending. I was not able to take pictures while on our way to Baler, since it was dark and there were no post lights. All I saw was Mountains, Road and the Van in front of us. HAHA.

We left Manila around 12:30 in the morning. We took North Luzon Expressway and exited at Plaridel bypass Road and went straight to Bustos Town and then exited at San Rafael. From San Rafael we took the Maharlika Highway until we reached Cabanatuan City. From Cabanatuan City we turned left at Crossing (NE Supermarket) and passed through Palayan, Bongabon, Rizal until we reached Pantabangan. The roads in Bongabon was a bit scary since there were rough roads and the place looked abandoned by night. 

I suggest that you take the Pinagpanaan - Rizal - Pantabangan Road, it is safer, faster and the road is smoother. 

Finally! Only few kilometers to Baler! :) 

Our first stop. The so-called Rolling Stores.
The abandoned Aurora Gen. Hospital turned into public comfort room for tourist!

Our facade on the way to Millenium Tree or Balete Tree

Eee! Not-so-scary balete tree.

It is either Rice Fields or Coconut Trees.

Our trail to Ditumabo was a hard one. The trail is so rocky and narrow!

Perfect facade! Felt like I'm in Baguio but there are no tricycle there, so it is still Baler! :D

Hydro-electronic pumps : One of the sources of their electricity in Baler 

Our trail going up to Ditumabo Falls.

They say it is safe to drink.

I call this one as the "baby falls"!

The famous bone chilling falls! The mother of all falls! DITUMABO FALLS!

Yey! Here comes the sun! lalalala

Hello Baler! Baler Haler!!!

Hello Sabang Beach home of surfing boards!

Enjoying the expensive view of Costa Pacifica! 

Just some kids enjoying the water while its free and not yet grabbed by others.

I think this is the Aniao Islet! :) 

Next stop! This is it, Diguisit!

This is Diguisit!

Diguisit it is!

uh-oh! The road is getting steeper, we are near Dicasalarin! 

This is alarming!

Bam! it was all worth it! :) 

But wait, there's more!!

worth the risk again. 

aaaaah! Finally made it in Palawan, o wait I am in Baler? 

Hmmm is this inspired by Lion King? 

Take me away!

View from Ermita Hill

So this is where the boats are.

The Sabang Beach! See how monstrous the waves are!

What a beautiful facade of Pantabangan Dam and Sierra Madre! :)

Sunset at Rice Fields of Rizal, Nueva Ecija. 

City of Tricycle! Cabanatuan City!!!

We took Subic -Clark - Tarlac Expressway(SCTEX) to North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) on our way back to Manila.

So that was my view on our 48 Hour Road trip to Baler. A perfect weekend get-away with your friends or colleagues. Come and visit them, before it becomes a private property of Angaras. :) Just saying, they already dominated the whole town of Baler.

It was indeed a wonderful and adventurous trip. Ano, Tara Gumala?