Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make it Davao : Family Special

3D/2N Itinerary Trip to Davao

Davao/Dabaw - one of the largest cities in the world,in terms of land area. They are known for their Tourism, Food (Durian Capital of the Philippines), Hospitality, Taxi Drivers and their respectable City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Davao offers a diverse travel experiences for nature lovers - from the highest mountain in the Philippines to the white sand beaches to one-of-a-kind underwater world. They also offers a gastronomic experience for food enthusiast and their specialty are fruits and fresh seafood, specially Tuna. Davao is really a peaceful city, I commend Mayor Duterte for that, wishing all Mayors will be like him. 

Going back, in this post I will give my itinerary  and some tips on my recent trip with my family .Traveling with them is really fun but also pressuring because you want to give them the best without spending too much. So, if you are planning to have a trip with your family in Davao, better read my itinerary an other blog posts about Davao. 

Way back few months before our trip, I booked a ticket for the five of us going to Davao and got it for only 2,000Php per head,back -and-forth. It was really cheap! (Tiyagaan lang yan sa Seat Sale). What I love the most about my family is their simplicity and being always on-the-go. That is why I only manage to spend 4,500+ Php per person on a 3 Days 2 Nights trip to Davao and make the most out of it.

After months of planning, I was able to put through this itinerary and somehow saved a lot without compromising our comfort. you know when you are travelling with your family, safety and comfort is your main concern.

If you can see, almost all  of the tourist attractions were covered in our trip. It was tiring but when you see that your family is enjoying, it is worth it. Let me give you guys some tips on how I manage to spend only 4,500 Php and enjoyed a luxurious trip in Davao. 

1. DAVAO is really cheap. 
The cost of living here is really low, you can buy a good and sumptuous meal for only 50 pesos -100 pesos depending on your taste buds. Also, the transportation system is easy to follow. Ohh, the taxi drivers are giving exact change and do not overcharge! Lastly, staying in a decent hotel is cheap, you can get a family suite for only 3,500+! 

2. Never miss Museo Dabawenyo.
If you are into museums or enjoys knowing the historical background or culture of place, this museum is perfect for you! They were able to put up a museum that highlights the different tribes that are originated in Davao. There will be a tour guide that will assist you inside, it was fun and educating at the same time but taking picture is prohibited. You know what is the best part? THIS IS FREE!

3.  If you are travelling with groups, better hire a car or taxi.
It is way cheaper and convenient than taking public transport because most of the tourist attractions are quite far from each other. Just learn to haggle when you are looking for a car. On our case, we hired a taxi, since a van will not be a good idea and really expensive for us. 

4. Your Davao experience will not be complete if you will not stay in Samal Island.
It is a nearby island, only 30 minutes by a pump boat and a hour or more in a ferry. This place offers white sand beaches and beautiful scenery. We stayed at Hof Gorei Resort and loved it, cheaper than Pearl Farm but offers the same scenery. Ohh, what I love about this place is their landscape and that you have a personal butler. 

5. Never miss a fire dance show of Tribu K'Mindanawan
They are the best fire dancers in the world! They never failed to amaze me. I am a huge fan of their performances. They only do it on weekends between 6:00pm - 7:00pm. Everyone will enjoy this show. 

That was our Davao experience. It was my first time to travel with my family that requires us to be transported by an airplane. A lot of pressure on my part because I am the organizer, but like what I've said it was all worth it when you see the smiles from your loved ones. Ohh, this is my Anniversary gift for my parents. Now, they are asking me to bring them abroad. Yikes! HAHA. 

Travelling is my passion and sharing it with my family is very fulfilling! I can know put up a travel agency. haha. just kidding. 

P.S. Take the first trip to Davao, the one that depart early in the morning, SUNRISE is so awesome above!