Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Wedding

Here comes the bride! 

May is a very busy month for me, with the workload I have, weddings to attend and trip to go to. We were discourage to file a leave during this month until the second week of June because of our upcoming event in the office. Anywho, this post is intended to the 2 weddings I've attended for this month alone.  A close friend of mine and a cousin got married on the same month, good thing not on the same date.

Wedding for me is magical. Everyone is smiling and crying at the same time. Wedding is also journey. A journey where two people take together as one. Events like this makes me wonder if I will ever get married. Haha. I mean, Filipinos still have this double standard that you will not be a truly woman if you don't get married and have kids.

Lovely bride will always be right! 

Wedding is the moment where the LEGAL KISS happens!

 Ooooh! you know what is the best of weddings? The moment when you are reunited with your family and friends!

And of course, it will not be complete if you didn't take a selfie! HAHA.

Best Wishes!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Thank you | #SaturdayShoutOut

It has been 5 months since I started this blog. As I have been telling you guys, it is my dream to travel the world or atleast travel the 81 provinces of the Philippines. My blog is my record of everything. For the past 5 months, my friends and family have been supportive with this. Even if, most of time is being consumed with this but I am enjoying it and keep on telling my friend to like my page. haha. Also, for the past 5 months I have been to places I never thought I would visit like Calaguas Islands and Biri Island.

Anyway, as a usual habit of checking my blog every morning, I was so delighted when I saw the number of page views. I didn't expect it! I reached 7,777 page views! Wooohooo! I don't know why but I believe that 7 is a lucky number and I'm hoping this one too.

I would to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for continuously supporting my blog! Hoping you could be part of my adventures! As Kris Aquino would say, LOVE LOVE LOVE! HAHAHA.

Thanks everyone!



Saturday, May 10, 2014

Plan B | #SaturdayShoutOut

PLAN Beachineering

Ever wanted to go on a travel but your budget constrains you? Are you craving for an outdoor adventure in an island? Worry no more! I found a perfect budget travel group with Plan B! 

When a friend of mine introduced this group to me, I immediately asked why Plan B? What happened to the Plan A? Did it fail? Is there a Plan C to Plan Z? Haha. You know the usual impression when you hear the word "Plan B". 
Plan B is up for 1 year and 6 months. According to Sir Ronie, organizer of this group, they are all mountaineers who got tired from climbing, so they explored the beaches. For the past year they have explored Apo Reef, Anawangin, Ilocos, Batangas and recently Biri Island.

This one is in Biri!

So as a newbie in traveling, my eagerness is there but I do not how to start. Is there a group that I could join, where I can save money instead of travelling alone. I mean, I don't know how to get into places, I don't have the gears for outdoor activities and even my backpack is so small.

Out of curiosity, I joined the group when they organized a tour going to Biri Island in Northern Samar for only 3,700 Php per head! Now, how cheap was that. Anyway, I was a bit skeptic at first because it might be a scam, there will be hidden charges, or they may not be that accommodating. Hehe. You know what, my faith in humanity was restored when I met them. They are so friendly. All they want is to explore the country in the cheapest way possible. I think the group believes in "Cheaper by a Dozen". Sir Ronie, organizer of this group, is organizing tours just to save money from exploring a place and at the same time enabling and empowering others to travel more, regardless of your class.

Also, since I want the group to be featured on my blog. I did a little impromptu interview with Sir Ronie. He said that, he organizes tour not for profit but more of the experience and gaining new friends. He said that all he wanted is to save money and explore a nice spot with the group. He said that his tours are very affordable that even a minimum wage earner can be a traveler! See! How empowering is that.

All photos are from Sir Ronie, he is also a photographer
Well, just don't expect a lavish accommodation. Instead, you will have a perfect outdoor experience. Sleeping in the tent with the moon as your light while gazing at the stars and jamming in the beach with your friends? How cool is that!

Calling all yuppies out there! Don't waste your time working, have a break, explore our beautiful country in cheapest way possible. Make the most out of your salaries! You worked hard for it. Join Plan B. As Sir Ronie said, "pang-MASA to!"! If you want to know more, join their group on Facebook, Plan B (Beachineering), to get more updates about the next trip. Better yet, contact Sir Ronie here is his number, +63-916-9626-348!



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Travel Guide to Biri Island Rock Formation, Northern Samar



Biri Island, one of the smallest islands in Northern Samar which gained its popularity when it was hailed as 5th Philippine Gem by Isla Lipana. I couldn't agree more! How the mighty waves sculptured the rocks were magnificent. It is truly a Philippine Gem.
Insert a Linkin Park Song Here!

When Plan B, courtesy of Sir Ronie, posted an event on Facebook that his group will visit the place plus making the Subic Beach as the base camp, I immediately pledged to be part of it. Duh! Who wouldn't want that, for only 3,700 Php, I will have the chance to visit this one of a kind place. Though it was scary at first because I don't know them personally but thanks to them I was able gain new friends. Sweet deal isn't it? hehe.

Hmm. Is this the Pride Rock of Lion King? haha. Sort of?

How to get to Biri Island?

There are several ways to get to this majestic place. I will give you a lot of options! OPTIONS! OPTIONS! OPTIONS!

Option 1. Plane

The easiest entry point for Biri Island via plane is Catarman Airport. The only Airline that operates there is Philippine Airlines. From Catarman take a jeep that is bound for Lavesarez. From Lavesarez take a pump boat going to Biri.

Total Travel Time: 2 - 4 hours

Option 2. Bus

There are several bus companies which are bound for Samar or Leyte e.g. Eagle Star, C.U.L Transport. All of them are passing through Matnog Port. The vessel boats will transport these buses to Allen. From Allen, you can take a jeep going to Lavesarez, then from there take a pump boat going to Biri.  

Total Travel Time: 16 -18 hours

Option 3. Private Vehicle

You can take a road trip going to Matnog, Sorsogon, it is feasible but your driver should be familiar with the place. You can hire a van for this. Lots of travelers with groups are doing this. From Matnog Port, you can look for boatmen in the bay and haggle a ride going to Biri Island. If you are going with a group, better have reservation ahead of time for proper coordination. You can contact Honey Hilao with this number +63-927-215-9098. She is from Subic Beach and  organizes boat ride and tours around Calintian Island and Biri Island. She said that for a group of 10, you can avail a boat for 7,000 Php inclusive of the said tours. 

Total Travel Time: 12 - 14 Hours

Getting around the Island. 

The only transportation in the island is Habal-Habal and it can load up to 3 passengers! Don't worry you can hire them for a whole day trip. They could take you the magnificent rock formations. In our case we paid Kuya Marvin 150 Php for a ride. 

our ride

Sir Ronie Haggling with the price!

Travel Tips

Buffet style. Pila-pila! :D
1. There are no food stalls nor restaurants in the area, so better bring your own food or go to the market and cook your own food. In our case we brought our food and had a picnic at the Plaza! There are stores nearby but they only offer chips, soda, and noodles. 

2. There are few places to stay in Biri. You can choose from a Hotel Villa Amor or Ate Glo's homestay. I advise that you stay here for a night to explore all the rock formation and for safety reason. The waves are really gigantic here and going back to Matnog or Lavesarez in the evening is very risky especially when there is a LPA! (my group experienced it, thank God we all survived it)! Also, San Bernardino Strait is said to be infested with sharks and I was able to see one.

3. Visit the place now! It is not crowded yet and only few people are brave enough to go here. Haha! You'll definitely enjoy this majestic place. You will feel like you are in the movie. How the waves crush in to the stone walls is amazing, it is like Gods were there and any moment Zeus or Poseidon will come out. Haha. Ooooh! Enjoy the tidal pools where the Gods go for a swim. ahaha. It is really fun. 

4. The picturesque Rock formation is really a must see! How the waves sculptured the rocks through the years. You will really be amazed of how mother nature do her work. :) Don't rush, stay in the island and explore all the rock formations and tidal pool.

5. Habal - Habal will bring you to the "gates" of rock formation and you still have to walk your way to the rock formation to witness the waves in action. Don't worry every step will draw you closer to a more magnificent view!

See how clear the water!


So there you have it! What a lovely place and truly a Philippine Gem. I think every Filipino especially those "Yuppies" should explore places like this! Hopefully, the local government could sustain the progress of this place because it can create income to the locals.



Friday, May 2, 2014

Road trip to Bicol

Traveling During Holy Week

24 Hour Road trip

Holy Week is celebrated in countries that the main religion is Christianity, like in the Philippines. We celebrate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday as regular holidays. Most Filipinos take advantage of this long holiday, some go home in their provinces while others spend it somewhere else. So expect super heavy traffic in expressways both North Luzon and South Luzon and very looooong pile of twisted line in every bus stations!

It was my first time to have a road trip on Holy Week! I tell you, it was one hell of a ride. That butt numbing 24 hour trip made me you wanna fly to my destination. HAHAHA. We were exhausted and all became impatient.

Anyway, our driver Kuya Jaime was a very cautious driver and he was only going on 60 KPH!! How slow can that be. He said he didn't know the place. Fine! Though 100 KPH  and up will do. HAHA.

So what welcomed us on our Road trip? Nothing else but HEAVY TRAFFIC because of road constructions! EMPHASIS ON THE S! Yessss! There were lotssss of road re-blocking! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd! hahaha.

A two way road became one way!

Of course! Holy Week travel will not be complete without seeing a "senakulo" or reenacting what Christ did. They believe that it is a way of repenting from their sins.

Lastly, your road trip is not complete without stop - over. We had several stops to pee and eat. haha. Oh and we had some time to visit the CawaCawa Hill, where the so-called magnificent sun flowers are, and the famous Cagsawa Ruins. 

Station of the Cross at Cawa Cawa Hill

The very crowded Cagsawa ruins!

Some bikers who came all the way from Manila!

I didn't enjoy the stop over because it was very crowded! I never liked crowded places. haha. Yea I am a bit snob. HAHA. After 24 Hours of travelling! Finally we arrived at the end of Luzon! *Drum roll please* MATNOG, SORSOGON!We were rejoicing but everyone is so exhausted to celebrate. Since it was late, we immediately settled our things and loaded in the boats waiting for us. 

Hello Matnog and Hello Moon!

Out boat going to Subic Beach.

It was a dream to stay in an island with a full moon. Too bad, I didn't enjoy it that long because it was cloudy and rainy. 

So there you have it, that was my loooongest road trip in my entire life! Whew. Now I can say that I can conquer loooong driving. hahaha. I want to try going on a cruise ship and feels being in the middle of the ocean. haha. 

Samahan mo ko, ano, TARA GUMALA?