Sunday, March 22, 2015

Travel Guide to Pico De Loro!

Pico(n) De Loro
Mapipikon ka sa new trail

When I said to my parents that I will be organizing a trip to Pico De Loro, they said that the place is very expensive and became skeptical when I said it was only for 800 Php, and it comes with an event shirt and bagtag. They thought I was going to the beach resort! Hell no! hahaha. I'm not gonna shed thousands of pesos on a resort that does not have a white sand! #standards

Anyway, for mountaineers or hikers, Pico De Loro is very popular because of it is an easy trail and very near to Metro Manila. Thousands of tourist, especially, locals are hiking this mountain mainly because of it's famous peak (which looks like a parrot's beak) and it's monolith. Monolith is very popular for adrenaline junkies and to those who are into rappelling.

View of the Peak (beak) from the Base Camp!

I'm gonna share with you guys our itinerary for this trip! Note: my itinerary is good for a group of 10 or more.  For more details, just post a comment and I will answer it.


1. They said it is cheaper to just commute your way to DENR - Ternate. I say if you are a group of 10 or more, it would be best to hire a van, to maximize time and somehow save money.

I was looking for the cheapest van rent that will transport us to the DENR - Ternate and back to Manila and I stumbled on Cavite Van Rental Services. The usual rate of Van Rentals here in Manila is from 7,000 - 7,500 but I only got our van for 5,500 PHP! Now that a sweet deal plus they know the place because they are based in Cavite. You can reach with this number +63 - 919 - 7875- 090!

2. The old trail is already closed due to some issues on double registration. I could say that we are the first people to try the new trail! ;) #Raremoments

Ohh, the registration fee is only 25 Php! Not sure if they are legit because they did not gave us any receipts or whatsoever.

3. The new trail is really hard, way harder than Pulag (Ambangeg Trail)!!! Though the scenery is worth trekking for: from luscious green forest to the exotic wild flower along the way to fallen trees, which are perfect for photo ops!! Well, it is not that established compared with Pulag or Pinatubo Trail. You'll be required to hop on fallen trunks of trees and pass through a very steep slope!

4. Pico de Loro is perfect for Dayhike, Night Trek and Tramping (trekking and camping)! Though, I highly suggest that you stay there for a night to experience camping and you'll be not so wasted when you descend OR hike in the afternoon, be sure to be at the peak before sunset and do a night trek back to DENR Office!

Don't worry about running out of supply! There is a not-so-convinient stores on top! ;) Just prepare extra cash, it comes with a hefty price. HAHA!

Note: Just don't expect any decent bathroom and it is not for free! 

Camping at the base camp while I stayed in my cozy hammock! ;)

Pila balde in the CR!

5. Be sure to be at the peak during sunset! The view is really breathtaking!!! Words can't explain how beautiful the view! Though the way up is not that easy! We were crawling all our way up, you need trekking poles or a guide to bring you to the top.

They were crawling!!! :)

At the Peak! Overlooking Batangas & Cavite plus the Monolith! :)

(C) Sir Macoy Garcia for these lovely photos! 

Note: You may opt not to go to the peak and just stay in the base camp. There are some nice spots for photo op. Imagine being on the cliff! Haha. #Buwisbuhayselfie

6. NEVER MISS THE MONOLITH! I am so proud of myself for making it there! I never thought I could such thing. Special thanks to Kuya Nick for helping me to get to the top!

7. If you still have time, visit the Cavite Boracay. Not far from DENR - Ternate but the a tricycle ride costs 100Php per person! It was expensive because it is the "magnetic hill". Also, prepare another 100 Php for the entrance fee. Kinda expensive but worth a visit.

So that was it! Visit Pico De Loro now. It was the cheapest hike I ever did and very near to Metro. Be sure you do some stretching before climbing it to prevent severe body ache! :)

Best things in life should not be so expensive. Sumama ka na kasi sa mga gala ko. TARA GUMALA!