Monday, June 22, 2015

Green Canyon Eco Art Resort

There are few blog post on this newest resort in Clark. According to When In Manila this is the first Eco Art Resort in the Philippines. So, what is an Eco Art? An eco - friendly resort that turns nature into art without destroying or harming it. Most of its furniture in the main lobby is handcrafted by different artists.

I will give you a list on why to choose Green Canyon Eco Art Resort as your next staycation:

1. It is a new resort, means all things are new, bright and clean.

2. It is not congested and have a large space for different kinds of activities e.g. Playground, Biking lane, picnic, swimming, photo ops, yoga etc.

3. They have 2 large swimming pools (one is a regular pool with sauna while the other is a wave pool)

Wave Pool
Regular Pool

4. For mountain lovers, they offer free guide going to the summit just at the back of the resort.

At the summit
Early morning hike.

View from top, overlooking Clark Special Economic Zone
Mountain Lovers

5. The landscape of the whole resort is very pleasing to the eyes. You will not see any buildings around, instead, lush green mountains and trees will greet you. They also have a hanging bridge which is perfect for picture taking.

See! No buildings or any infrastructures.
Very pleasing to my eyes

6. They have free bikes which you can use and go to places inside the resort.

Haha. It was really fun to ride a bike and go down rushing in this slope.

7. For those who loves arts and crafts, they have free sessions you just have to ask the reception.

Reception and a cute boy playing

8. Their lobby is so awesome! I enjoyed it, very spacious and it looks like an art gallery and every item is for sale. I heard these furniture were showcased during the recent APEC Summit.

Things to consider when having your weekend stay.

1. During midday, the scourching hot will limit you from doing things. Don't worry, you still have plenty of time in the afternoon and early morning.

2. They have corkage fee, bringing food is not allowed though I saw some guests bringing in food.

3. You should bring your own car, there are no public transportation in the area, as this is 30 minutes away from Clark. Don't worry they have a room for your drivers.

4.  The food at the Palette is not that delicious besides from super slooooow service and small serving. Nevertheless, the interiors are still great for photo ops. :(

5. They close the wave pool at 6pm but the other pool is open until 10pm.

Night shot

6. The signal is poor but they have wifi!

7. Bring extra money, the time we went there they are not accepting credit card.

How to get there?

This resort is only accessible to private cars but they arrange a pick up transport for you. It will take you about 2 - 3 hours drive from Manila to reach this place.

You can visit their site for more details:

For inquiries, bookings, & reservations
Landline:   +63 45 499 4800 / +63 2 584 4121
Mobile:  +63 998 963 4332 / +63 998 963 4331
Fax:  +63 45 499 4859
For weddings, celebrations, & corporate events
+63 998 963 7692 / +63 998 963 4328

Green Canyon Eco Art Resort is expensive but worth visiting if you are into artsy fartsy kinda thing and enjoys nature. If you want a weekend getaway and have a money to spare, then you must visit this place. It would be best if you bring your own car as the other attractions like Clark Freeport, Zoocobia and the likes are only accessible with private cars.