Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How NOT to quit your job and travel the world



Well, I know this is unusual because a lot of travel bloggers quit their jobs to travel or they experienced a major heart break and wants to travel the world. You can only find a few travel bloggers who travel and keep their day job. 

©Samantha Starling in Pinterest

I read a lot of travel blogs about how they quit their jobs and became full time travelers. It was fascinating, the exotic food they take, breathtaking sites, wonderful people, accommodation that are out of this world and they seems to be enjoying every moment. My only question was, HOW THE HELL THEY CAN AFFORD THAT WITHOUT A JOB??? Are they just sugar coating everything? haha. I know that you can earn thru blogging but I don't think that it would be enough to cover all your expenses especially if you are from third world country or maybe you have to be so famous and companies will hire you to advertise them(but is this still a job?). I know I'm being skeptic here. 

My earnings for 2 weeks of blogging! HAHA. That is like 0.33 US$!

Anyway, I am not against with anyone. I am just stating my personal opinion. For me, it is essential to keep your day job and still travel the world. (too impossible? nah!)

I am currently working as a Medical Social Worker (MSW) at The Medical City, a tertiary hospital in the Philippines. As a MSW, I have to go to work 8 hours a day for 5 days per week and only have weekends to travel or in my case I file it as a leave. HAHA. I only have 32 days leave and have to maximize it for the whole year and good thing Philippines has a lot of Holidays! Read my other post about the holidays this 2014.


Traveling is my passion, I know it for sure because it really excites me and I don't mind traveling from one place to another as long as I learn something new with it. I consider my every travel as an opportunity to learn and share it with people (plus the bragging rights. HAHA!).Though I am fully aware that traveling alone will not provide me my basic needs like what +Abraham Maslow said in his Hierarchy of Needs. One thing is for sure, traveling helps me to achieve my "peak experience". For me, it is much fulfilling that you splurge on something because you worked hard for it. Right? You can say to your self that "I DESERVE THIS!"


I cannot quit my job because of the following reasons:
  1. It became my niche for 2 years.
  2. It is my main source of income as of now, since I haven't found a new job. 
  3. It is related to the course that I took in College and even got a license to practice it. 
  4. It allows me to pursue my Graduate Studies. 
  5. I still have to pay my saving/insurance until 2016 that I will use for my South East Asia Trip!!! 

We have to face the reality that we have to work in order to earn, not unless you parents are multi-billionaire/corrupt or you are sh*tting gold, but if you are like me who was born on the middle class family, you really have to work hard in order to make it. As a Filipino, we have a common value which is the close family ties. We value the connection that we have with our family, we don't just abandon our family members when they get old and in need. Unlike with the westerners, Filipinos are more dependent with their family. 

I want to travel the world (who wouldn't want that?) but I also want to give my family a comfortable life. So as long as I can juggle between my work, studies and travel I will just make the most of it. I also want to make it big in my profession and touch other people's lives. That is my ultimate dream to make it big in my profession and travel the world! (Is it too much to ask?)  

You travel because you love it but you have to save something for you to achieve it. Ok. That rhymed! Haha. Agree?

So how NOT to quit your job and still travel the world? 


  1. Love your work or at least learn to love it because if you love what you are doing no matter how monstrous your boss are or how intoxicating your customers are, the rest will follow. 

  2. Utilize your leave. File a leave! It's your right!

  3. Learn to save your income. Have a bank account which you cannot easily access. e.g. ATM! Never get an ATM! You'll be attempted to withdraw every time you see a machine!

  4. Influence your colleagues to travel with you. Remember the theory of Gilbreth "Cheaper by a Dozen" and the old saying that "the more the merrier!" You'll surely enjoy the discount your group can get!

  5. If you have money while traveling, you can book a decent hotel, eat at a fancy resto, go shopping and enjoy a little luxury. Isn't awesome? (just beware of overspending!haha)

Do you share the same vision with me? Feel free to comment your side! I would love to hear them and let's discuss it! 



Monday, February 17, 2014

Punta Del Este | Muelle Bay, Puerto Galera

Weekend at Punta Del Este

Puerto Galera -  What comes into your mind when you hear that word? For me, white but these were all changed when I got to visit the other side of Puerto Galera, the Muelle Bay. Muelle Bay is on the other side of Puerto Galera. 

Driveway in Punta Del Este
If you are more on relaxing and enjoying the serenity of a place, Punta Del Este is the perfect place for you to unwind from all the stress in working more than 40 hours a week and battling with traffic everyday . (HAHA. May pinanghuhugutan ako)   I was not expecting anything from that trip, I never believed in the advertisement of their website until I see it myself.

This view welcomed us! Accordingly this is the Varadero Bay.
Punta Del Este (the Point of East) is a 5 minute land travel from Muelle Port. Their Villas namely Sarimanok and Kasbah Remo are constructed and hidden in an abundant and mature garden planted with old trees and varied luxurious tropical vegetation. They are designed to offer the visitors a maximum of comfort in structures modest enough to respect an environment where Nature is at its best. If you want to book this lovely place just contact them.
Tel: +63 998 552 1687


Sarimanok Villa has 2 rooms plus 2 detached rooms. Can occupy 10 guests.
View from the Dining Area of Sarimanok.

Dining area plus 2 butlers daily!

A small dining area outside

Since we have butlers, we opted to buy fresh seafood in the market since it compliments the stunning view that we have!

Overlooking the Varadero Bay
Take a plunge!

you can drink with your friends at the pool side

The other villa is Kasbah Remo, it is a smaller villa. It has 2 large rooms that can occupy 8 people. I do not know how much is the rent for this villa but I heard it is cheaper.

Interior of Kasbah Remo Villa

Add caption
Patio in Kasbah Remo, you can held cermonies here!
I like the view here compared to Sarimanok but latter ismore cozy than the former.

Beauty of being on the cliff.

Duyan Queen! HAHA.

That was my experience in Punta Del Este. It was indeed a Bakasyon Grande!!!I give them 2 thumbs up for this lovely place and including butlers in the accommodation. I understand that they do not have AC because the ocean breeze is more relaxing than an air conditioned.

If you've been there, share me your experience. If not, TARA GUMALA! I want to go back in Puerto Galera to explore and appreciate more her beauty.



Muelle Bay, Puerto Galera



My First Corporate Outing

Actually, this was not an official business trip, it was just a simple weekend get-away with my office mates. We have been searching for a great place to spend our weekend that is free from any pollution, toxic and stress! 
Ms. Claire suggested that we should all go to Puerto Galera, it is near and it will be the first time for some to go there. She also suggested that we should stay in Punta del Este which is in Muelle Bay, other part of Puerto Galera. ( I have another post about our staycation in Punta Del Este.) 

After settling the down payment thru bank payment, we managed to rent the Sarimanok Villa for 8,000 a night which includes personal butlers(yes, 2 butlers), swimming pool, free use of utensils, and a scenic view! Since we are a group of 10, it was a fair deal.

The plan was to commute our way to Muelle Bay. Our meeting place was in JAM Liner in Kamuning which is the terminal of buses going straight to Batangas Port. We departed in Kamuning around 4 in the morning and arrived in Batangas Port around 6:30 in the morning. The fare only costs 170 Php per way. From Batangas Port, we boarded a fast craft of Minolo Shipping Lines (Red Boat) going to Muelle Bay. The round trip ticket costs 450 Php per head plus environmental fee of 50 Php. 

Waiting for our boat

After an hour of boat travel we arrived at Muelle Port where a jeep going to Punta del Este was waiting for us which was included in our accommodation. 

When we arrived in the Villa, the overlooking view of the beach welcomed us! I officially called it as "Bakasyon Grande." 

Our home for the weekend. 

Can you say no to this place??? Bakasyon Grande it is! :) 

Since we are in a house, we opted to cook our food and just buy fresh goods in the Market. Surprisingly, the goods in the Market are overpriced. Anyway, going to the Market is quite expensive also though I still suggest that you cook and make use of the butler. They are very accommodating and friendly. 

Since Punta Del Este is in a top of a cliff, you have to go down in order to enjoy the beach. I was not fascinated with the beach mainly because it was polluted, there were trashes in the sand and in the water. Though it has a rock formation that is perfect for photo op. 

At night time, we tried to explore what Puerto Galera has to offer. We went to Sabang and White Beach, both were not so enticing because I am not a fan of crowded places. In Sabang beach, there are lots of foreigners with Pinays on their side while White Beach is a very busy place, this is where you can find different bars with different shows from sing-a-long, gay performers, people dancing to people throwing fire. We tried the Mindoro Sling but didn't like it. 

Photo Bomber si ATE!

The famous firedance with these two boys wearing briefs! HAHA

The next day, we left the Villa around 12:00 noon. The boat that transported us to Batangas Port was the worst. It was smaller compared to one who transported us going to Muelle Bay, the movement was against the waves, so the boatmen were forced to close the improvised window which almost suffocated all the passengers because of the heat. Anyway, we arrive in Manila around 5 in the afternoon.

2 thumbs up for this short Bakasyon Grande!

That was my Puerto Galera experience. How about yours? 
Ano, Tara Gumala!