Monday, November 30, 2015

Budget hike at Mt. Sembrano


Peak 1 of Mt. Sembrano (The grassy slope)

So after months of not traveling. My partner decided that we do a day hike at Mt. Sembrano. I was hesitant at first because of its infamous reputation for having a high number of theft cases. The thing that made me agree to do a day hike was the chance to travel again. Since I am too busy on my academics, my partner planned everything and I just invited some friends.

Mt. Sembrano is really a hard one, not perfect for beginners or "pabebe". According to Pinoy Mountaineer, the trail difficulty is 4/9 (for me it was 6/9). What made it harder was the mud and slippery trail plus it was all assault! I was really exhausted, by the time we reached the north peak I almost gave up but I could not stay there because they will all go to the summit.

The best season to hike this is during December - February (Amihan Season) because of the cool wind breeze!

The grassy slopes remind me of Mt. Pulag

Going back, I am so proud of this trip because I only spent 300Php for this trip. This is my cheapest hike ever! So how this we managed that? Simple lang..

Selfie at the summit

Here is  a sample itinerary for you guys (spoon feeding to ha!):

4:00AM Ride a van/jeep bound for Tanay
5:30AM ETA Tanay (buy snacks or lunch)
5:45AM Ride a jeep bound for Malaya (Tell the driver to drop you off at the Bgy. Hall)
6:30AM Register | Start Trek
* Depending on your phasing, the trek usually takes 2 - 4 hours before you reach the summit.
9:00AM Summit | Photo Ops, Rest, Picnic
10:30AM Start Descent as there are no shade in the summit.
11:30AM Side trip at Manggahan Falls
12:00NN Start Descent going to Barangay
1:00PM Wash up
2:00PM Ride a jeep bound for Tanay
2:45PM ETA Tanay
3:00PM Ride a bus bound for Crossing or Van bound for Starmall
5:00PM Home sweet home

Here is the breakdown of expenses:
70 - Van bound for Tanay
23 - Jeep bound for Bgy. Malaya
20 - Registration
10 - Registration at Mangahan
20 - Coconut
10 - Wash up
23 - Jeep bound for Tanay
60 - Bus bound for Crossing
236.00 PHP!

You still have extra money to buy food or drinks. I highly advise that you bring your own food, there are no stores open on early morning.

Ahhh This is life! :)

When you are on a tight budget and just want a new place to visit. Mt. Sembrano is the perfect place for hikers, maybe not for beginners but for those strong willed will surely conquer this!