Saturday, April 12, 2014

Travel Guide to Calaguas!

How can 3,000 Php be sufficient to a legendary weekend getaway in Calaguas Island?

Some may be skeptical with it but this is totally true! It was indeed a "SULIT NA SULIT" budget trip because it was hassle free from land travel to boat travel to the tent we had to the food they served!

Hmm. Still raising your eye brow? HAHA. How did we managed it? It's so simple. So we have been searching for a package that is not expensive but still has quality. Me and +Claire Mansit were reading blogs about their DIY trip to Calaguas, and we assessed that we need to get a package since we have some not-so-oldies with us. A something suitable for young ones and 40 years old above. Hehe.

We had a tough choice between the tour packages in the internet but in the end we chose because it came from an official in Municipality of Vinzons, Mr. Noli Pajarin, and we had a smooth communication with him. He patiently answered all our queries and settlements. Immediately after Claire talked to him, he sent a quotation for our trip which really impressed us and there are times that he will be the one to call us up. (0920) 661-1018. here is his number.

With Sir Noli Pajarin

Our package is worth 1,900 per pax inclusive of Food, Tent, Boat, Island Hopping, Entrance Fee and Environmental Fee. It was a great deal because we do not have to go to the market, bring it to the island and cook food. The 8- hour land travel plus 2-hour boat ride was really exhausting, we opted to reserve our energy to enjoy the pristine beach of Calaguas. 

We chose DLTB as our transit bus to Daet, Camarines Norte. I called Philtranco but their Premium Bus costs 650 Php and the station is in Pasay. DLTB also has a Premium Bus worth 650 Php while the regular bus costs 513 Php and the pick up station is in Cubao along EDSA. It was Sunday before our trip when I booked our tickets and got surprised when the regular bus that leaves at 7:00 pm is already fully booked! We opted to reserve tickets to the Premium Bus which leaves Manila at 9:00 pm. 

My view for 8 hours.

Note: Never ride the premium bus if you gets irritated with foul smell. Since Premium Bus has a comfort room, you can smell the strong odor of mixed concentrated urine combined with a perfume! How pungent that smell was! GOODNESS!!! My head ached during the whole trip.  -_- Bummer. Good thing the seats are spacious enough and you can recline it. 

Good thing everything was settled, a jeep was waiting for us to transport us to the port of Vinzons where our boat and Sir Noli were waiting. Did not expect that kind of crowd! There were buses, vans, private vehicles, tricycles and jeeps. Aaaah! 

See how many boats were there. 

Since it was getting late, we were warned that we will go faster but we will definitely get wet. It only took us 1 and a half hour boat ride going to Calaguas but we were all soaking wet! Being adventurous has a price! haha. 

When we looked for comfort rooms, to our dismay, it has payment. For every bucket of water we have to pay 10 pesos! What the?! I mean, it is a bit expensive especially when I saw how near the deep well is. Good thing they are locals. 

There are also Sari-Sari Stores in the area but yea it is really pricey, so bringing your own snack is cheaper. This is what we brought. 

We did not made any unnecessary expenses except for fresh water because all our needs are included in the package. The food that they are serving is delicious and you can taste that it is fresh. I enjoyed it because there are 3 different kinds of viands served every meal plus fresh fruits! What more can you ask for? Plus they set up a bonfire for us! Aha. Bonfire in the beach!

How much did we spend?? Here is the breakdown of how much I really spent in Calaguas. 

So there you have it. This is what we call "Bonggang Pasok sa Budget Trip". We had a little luxury with our food and booze that is why we had to add 150 Php. I know you can make this cheaper! If you want to know more, feel free to do so just leave a comment and I will answer it. 

It's more fun in the Philippines!




  1. Hi! just like you, I want to invest on experiences :) i'm quite a newbie at this! Happy thing i saw this 'bonggang pasok sa budget trip' lol :D
    How long was ur stay at the island? thanks :)

    1. It was just a weekend getaway @elle seo. We left on Friday night and got back on Sunday. We stayed in the island for 2D/1N. You should visit the place because it is really "bonggang pasok sa budget" HAHA. Thanks.

  2. pasok na pasok nga sa budget. and the best thing is... magaling kayong magplano nila Claire. so glad to tag-along in this trip :)

    1. Haha. Thank you Atty., mahirap po yung hindi planado lalo na may kasama tayong mga 40 - years old above. HAHA. Baka matalakan tayo, mahirap na. :)

  3. Hello po. I would really love to go to calaguas island too. Can I know the number of your contact person? Thank you!

    1. Hi. check my other post for more details. :) Anyway here is his number (0920) 661-1018.

  4. Thank you so much! :)

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  6. Hi! Sharing also our experience in Calaguas:

    Sobrang ganda!