Monday, April 28, 2014

Eat Fresh HongKong Famous Street Food



J. Abad Santos St., Greenhills, San Juan City
Ma. Clara, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City (near Banawe)

I am a fan of Chinese food mainly because of their flavorful dishes especially their dumplings and noodles. Well, I've been eying this restaurant whenever I pass by going home. I've been curious about it because the kitchen is in the front which is unusual. My first impression is that they don't have dine in and people just take their orders as to-go.

Finally, one not-so-lonely night me and my friend decided to eat there after a year of passing by! HAHA. You know what is best? I didn't expect anything from it. I know that the food may not be sumptuous but it exceeded my expectation. Look at their menu, no presentation at all. How can you expect something from this. haha. Also, when we got there, the place was very full and the Chinese lady in the counter kept on giving orders to the waiters while computes every table's bill.

Their famous Laksa is the best, well not as flavorful as with in Thailand but it will do. Most of the table ordered it, so we tried it as well. Also, their Yakitori is the best! I loved those vegetable wrapped in Bacon then brushed with Yakitori sauce. Aww, just writing about it makes my mouth to water. HAHA! 

Their Fried Rice and Chopseuy that is good for 2 - 4 persons!

Ahhhh! Their famous Yakitori. I loved it in an instant!!

Laksa Soup in hot pot!

My overall experience with Eat Fresh was a two thumbs up! It was almost wee hour but lots of people are still visiting the place to eat. Every serving can satisfy one's craving for Chinese food and they also give generous servings! Yey. This is a must try for a group of 4. You just have to prepare atleast 200 - 300 Php per person. Lastly, come there with no expectation at all. The taste of their food will definitely surprise you!

Oooh! The Chinese Lady in the counter is very good in math, she didn't use any calculator but managed to give our total bill in a matter of seconds! Amaaazing.



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