Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oman Is An Island meets Tara Gumala

My trip to Calaguas was a memorable one because of its pristine beach and the people I am with. 

We always have our first. For me, it was my first time to ride a boat for 2 hours with no stop, have a night road trip and travel with one of the famous travel bloggers in the country, none other than *drumroll please* Oman is an Island of!

 Let's talk about him! Oman or as we all call him Atty. Oman, is one of the well - known travel bloggers in the country. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Lawyer! Lawccountant in the house!! HAHA. He's so versatile, witty and very funny in his own way. I am so glad I met him, imagine I have a friend who is a lawyer, accountant and a blogger all in one! It is like coffee, 3-in-1!

I was not expecting that he will join our trip because he's been there. I was really excited when he gave me his down payment, he is serious about it, he's coming with us! Yey!

It was a nice, knowledgeable and fun experience with him. He gave me a lot of insights about traveling and photography. He visited Calaguas around 2010 when the place is literally unspoiled. He told us that it was just a plain stretch of white sand and there were wild vines in the area plus only few people were there. There were a lot of changes in the place but they were able to maintain the serenity of the place. There is no electricity, and the water is still from deep well.

I've always wanted to be a pro in photography but I do not have the patience and talent to adjust the setting from time to time. I was amazed how fast Atty. Oman shift from one setting to another setting manually! He was like, adjust adjust then click, picture perfect! He also woke up early just to take pictures, now that is what you call dedication. How I wish I have that. haha.

O, did I mention that he is a great cook? He brought his portable gas range plus some light weight pan and pots. It was all in a small pouch. For the record it is the most portable and smallest "lutuan" I have ever seen that is really functional! 

Yummy sopas made by Oman Is An Island

So that was my experience with Oman is an Island. Thanks to him I learned a lot of things about traveling, photography and sometimes legal matters for free! Hope we could travel more together in the future.

Oman is an Island meets Tara Gumala!

How about you? Have you been with him? Share it with me!

Ano, Tara Gumala! 



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    1. So true @vanessa, especially his knock knock jokes. :D

  2. Hi Abby, cheers for many more trips and travels to come. Tara Gumala :)