Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Exploring Calaguas


Calaguas Islands is a two hour boat ride from Vinzons, Camarines Norte. It is facing the Pacific Ocean so the waves and current are strong. Her beauty is so alluring! The 9 hour bus trip plus 2 hour boat ride was worth it! Her white sand and bluish water is breathtaking and far more beautiful than Boracay.

I've been reading blogs on what is the easiest way to go there if we do a DIY trip. Thanks to Sir Noli Pajarin of for making our trip more convenient and hassle free. You can contact him with this number (0920) 661-1018. 

He is very accommodating and he makes sure that you are enjoying the trip. He even gave us discount! Plus, he works with the Municipality and his ideals are amazing. Sir Noli is the Municipal Accountant and wanted to make a breakthrough by promoting and centralizing the tourism of Calaguas and help the locals.

We availed the package which cost 1,900 Php per person, this is the cheapest because with what I saw in other travel agents, they are asking 2,500 - 3, 500 Php per person. Our deal includes boat transfers, food, tent and island hopping. We all enjoyed our food and we don't have to line up like what others do and they serve fresh seafood and very abundant fruits! Yummy!

We also explored the Balagbag islet, which is only accessible during low tide. The rock formation is a must see and the waves that is coming straight from Pacific Ocean is like in the movies. The way how the waves hit the stones is picturesque!

The coral reef in Calaguas is a bit disappointing because the corals are dead though there are fishes but it is not appealing to see. Wish the Municipality could to something with this.

Being away from the main land, Calaguas Islands do not have electricity. Good thing there is a deep well which is the main source fresh water. There are three kinds of accommodation in the island. First, Camping with Tent. Second, sleep in hammock. Third, Cabanas of Waling Waling Resort. Well, the first and second options are perfect for budget travellers while the last option is perfect for 40 years old and above. HAHA!

 Calaguas Island can be touristy and crowded during summer. There are lots of people from different kinds of tour packages and every tour has different and "innovative" approach to attract clients. Some put up a mobile bar (no offense but I think it sucks) and some tourists gets tipsy which we all know where it leads. Maybe in few years time, this will be like Boracay, if not properly taken care. It will be crowded, developed and spoiled. From afar, you can already see that the place is crowded because of different kinds of tents on the beach.

To sum it up, Calaguas is still pristine though it can really be crowded. I enjoyed the beach, food and camping! I recommend this place for a perfect weekend getaway. The long travel is worth it.  I swear!




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