Saturday, April 26, 2014

Yotam Kaspin | #SaturdayShoutOut

My 1st Israeli Backpacker Friend

It's been awhile since I last featured some one or thing on my #SaturdayShoutOut! I was pre-occupied with my recent travels. Anyhoo, this post is about my newly found friend (NFF).

We all meet different people in every strange places. There are times that you don't expect to meet someone but it happens. I want to share with you guys how awesome my NFF is. His name is Yotam Kaspin. I met him when me and Hannah was buying a drink in a small store in Subic Beach, Matnog, Sorsogon. He walked in the store and the store owner could not translate what he wanted to say, so as a typical Filipino will do, we translated it for him. Then a little conversation started a new friendship.

He is Yotam, 23 years old from Israel and been traveling since August 2013! Imagine how cool his life. After his mandatory service, he packed his bag and travelled the world! He has been to a lot of countries in Asia like India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and many more.So how can he afford it? I was also asking him the same thing! How on earth can he do that. Haha. Well, he said everything in our country is cheap and almost man of his age do the same thing. 

Our country is blessed with natural resources, other countries even dubbed us the paradise of the world. Unfortunately, not all Filipinos can afford to travel, only few of us can really travel the world or even travel the 81 Provinces of Philippines. For now, even I cannot afford to travel for that long but I know someday I will do it. I just have to save a lot because the value of our money in the international level is very low! 

I encourage every yuppies like me or even those who are in their 20s to explore the world! The younger you are, the more chances of getting into places. Hope this could inspire you somehow. Let us all unravel what our beautiful world has to offer!

As per Yotam said, and I quote "traveling is learning new things about the world and about myself, breaking my limits and searching for answers and of course just having fun and enjoying freedom at its best form!"

Ikaw ano sa tingin mo, TARA GUMALA?


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