Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ditumabo Falls, Baler, Aurora

Ditumabo Falls a.k.a Mother Falls

Baler is abundant with falls mainly because it is surrounded by different mountains like Sierra Madre. It is a perfect combination of mountains and beach. If you are visiting Baler, be sure to trek your way to Ditumabo Falls in San Luis, Aurora, a nearby town.

From Baler town proper it is just a 20 minute drive going to the set off point and 20 minute trek going to the Ditumabo Falls per ce. Since I was travelling with my not-so-oldies colleagues, it took us 30 to 40 minute trek. HAHA. We opted to trek early in the morning, so that it won't be too hot. 

The trail going to the set off point was a bit scary because the road is so steep, rocky and slippery. We were a bit skeptic on our way to the set off point because the road is very rough and only one car can pass at a time. Here are some pictures though I was not able to take a lot of pictures because it was raining on our way there.

It was a different place when we got to the set off point.. There were only few people maybe because it was so early. It was cloudy and it touches the tip of the mountain, like the facade in Mt. Province.

We rented a Nipa Hut, worth 200 Php, so that we could settle our things and have breakfast. There are comfort rooms in the set off point but it costs 5 Php per use! There are also stores in the area where you can buy snacks like chips, water, corn and other ready to eat..

Note: Bring extra money because there are lots of "donation" in the area before you reach the falls! 20 Php before you start the trek and 2 Php on the improvised bridge that the locals built. Also, you are not allowed to bring food!

Hydro pumps


This is the point where you know that you are near the falls. You can hear the roaring sounds of the water which is really refreshing!

Aaaah! Finally! Ditumabo Falls!

Finally! We reached it, after all the dramas that some of us will not continue the trek, falling on the slippery rock and crawling through the water!  HAHAHA.
The water is freezing cold, didn't expect that kind of coldness. whew! The water is also crystal clear but the depth varies from one point to another, which was very tricky! 

I highly recommend that you visit this place! It is perfect for young at heart, who wants to be adventurous! Trekking is fun, especially if one of your companion fell or crawling in the water to prevent from slipping. HAHA. Also, visit the place early in the morning because the place gets crowded during high noon!



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